Effective Tips on Moving Your House


Everyone has moved for the first time at least once. And we know how daunting this process may be. If you have never tried to move the whole house, we offer you many effective tips on how to pack your house for moving. Use our moving planner to make your moving process fast and smooth. Best of luck and happy moving!

Why moving may be so traumatic

Moving can cause many problems, and all of them lead to much stress and traumatic situations. If you have no idea how to pack and move efficiently, the first relocation to a new home can become a reason for harmful life changes. People usually have no idea what to start from in moving your house. They do not know where to get packing boxes, how to pack things, what needs careful packing, and where to get the best truck to relocate things. Some people cannot plan. The others are not strong enough to carry boxes. There are many reasons why moving can be stressful, and we are here to help you with the most problematic issues.

Ultimate checklist for moving

If you need an epic checklist for moving into your first house, use ours to save time.

Create a moving folder

To be able to save all the detail, add your thoughts, pictures, ideas, and just anything to a special Google, Pinterest, or Dropbox folder. Update them any time you need.

Home estimation

Find at least three different moving companies and offer them to estimate the moving. Choose the one that comes to your house. Do not trust the online estimation. 

Take a day off

Moving will not take a few hours when your moving company carries everything out and in. You will need time to fix them in your new residence, so plan a Friday day off to have it fixed.

Kids routine

If you have kids, take care of the new school or kindergarten in the new location. Get all the papers ready for a move.

Goodbye party

Organize the goodbye party for your friends, relatives, and neighbors. It is time to forget all problems and wish good luck to each other. 

Find boxes

The moving company can bring their own boxes, but if you want to save funds or reuse and save the planet, ask for boxes at the nearby restaurant, groceries, bookstores, and supply stores.


If you pack everything personally, make colorful stickers for every room supply. Mark fragile boxes especially carefully.

Electronics photos

Before unplugging any electronics, take pictures of how everything was arranged there. It will help you to plug in them later in your new home.

Measure the pathways

Measure elevators, stairways, and doorways twice to assure that all the furniture will not stuck there in the M-day.

Find new places of interest

If you do not want to feel lonely when you move, find out new places of interest in a new location. Use Google maps to explore the spot before you move there. 

Make ID collars for all pets

It is easy for a pet to get lost in an unknown location, so ID collars are essential if you want to take care of them.

Cancel membership

If you are a member of a gym, library, dancing club, or reading community, cancel membership not to pay fees if you move to the other district or town.

Inform everyone about a moving

Let all people know that you move out. Leave your new address to your neighbors, bank, car registration, auto insurance office, and Amazon account.

Clean the house

It would be right to clean the house that you leave carefully. Also, take care of the fridge and defrost it. If you have food to donate to your neighbors, do it.

Thank your broker or estate agent

There is nothing we can add to this tip. It is really important.

How to pick a moving company?

When you have prepared everything, it is just time to call the moving company. How to choose the right one? First of all, assure that it has the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration License known as the US DOT number. Second, read the feedback. Next, stay away from red flags like a cash deposit before moving. Check the Better Business Bureau accreditation as well. It is possible to make it online for free.


It is not easy to make the very first moving a smooth one. But the best moving company can be a great choice if you want the process to be safe, fast, and comfortable. Assure that you pick the right one and enjoy the process.

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