How can I buy TikTok followers safely


How can you buy tiktok likes and followers safely?

If you’ve been buying tiktok followers lately, then you probably noticed there are a ton of platforms that offer tiktok followers.

In fact there are so many platforms that offer not only tiktok followers, likes and views, anything that is related to tiktok but they offer products that are literally available for every single social media platform on the planet.

In fact apart from the great number of available products the platforms themselves have been increasing, in what seems like every second.

It’s almost certain that if you bought tiktok followers yesterday from one platform, then you’re likely to meet another platform tomorrow.

This brings us to the question of how can you buy tiktok followers safely? 

Of course you could stick to the same platform buying from them over and over and over again but then how do you find that platform that you can come back to every single time?

These and more questions like this will be answered throughout this article, we will also give you some of the tips on how to prevent platforms and see if you can trust them and even when you find them how to make sure that you stay safe. 

Let’s get started

Find a reliable provider 

Obviously there are so many ways to check and to vet platforms online, yet regardless that are only a few days that will give you a guaranteed answer how safe a certain platform is, and those are the methods and the ways to get social media platforms that we will be talking about in this upcoming chapters

One of the first things that comes to one’s mind when they’re checking for the platform is to actually check the number of reviews. 

Well, reviews of the platform are important. They do tell a lot about the platform.  How safe, real and how good they are, is hard to tell. Feedpixel is one such platform that offers tiktok followers. Apart from offering tiktok products, the platform is known to offer products on every social media platform possible. 

Since we’ve advised you to check the reviews on trustpilot and if they claim their websites and types of reviews that are sales with this very platform that you’re talking about right now. And the results were astonishing and positive. 

They have quite the number of positive reviews and most of the reviews reflected the various areas of the platform some of them even praise their service and how good quality products they provided. So it’s safe to assume that this is definitely one of the best platforms to buy tiktok followers safely.

This isn’t the only platform in this industry that sells tiktok followers. There are so many other platforms that not only sell those products but are legit and safe and have quite a number of positive reviews just like this one does on trustpilot. But we couldn’t list all of them because the whole idea of this article is to let you know and show you how you can buy tiktok followers safely

First thing: checking reviews

But they aren’t necessarily the most trustful indication of how safe the platform is. Because if you are able to buy tiktok followers then you’re most likely able to buy some reviews for some platforms online.

Although this hypothesis has some ground and maybe true and that some platforms may generate their own reviews or perhaps buy those reviews. There is one thing that they can’t really influence. And it’s this platform called Trustpilot.

Now many of you may have heard about this platform before. If you haven’t, this is one of the most trusted platforms on the planet that I reviews other businesses,  the platform itself has been legit and approved by Better Business Bureau and is an official website. 

So there is no need to try to see if trustpilot is real or legit because they are and that’s how they’ve been known for the rest of the world. 

But what makes them great is the reviews you read about other platforms are real. Because it’s impossible for someone who is not registered on the platform to leave a review on other platforms. Registration is not all that it takes as well you need to go through a few steps before you can actually leave reviews. 

While this could be easily mimicked down by the employees of the business, imagine doing that hundreds and hundreds of times, maybe thousands of times which just doesn’t make any sense. 

So therefore it’s safe to assume that if you have a positive review on such legit platform like trust pilot then those reviews are statistically speaking real and honest and genuine. 

Second: validation of the business 

Now the secibd to checking if the platform is real is not just paying attention to the stars of the reviews it’s to check if they have claimed their website: there are many businesses that register on transpilot or maybe people who want to register their business on trustpilot.

But they don’t end up following through the whole steps and you know filling out forms, claiming websites  and doing all that necessary things until they can be approved by the platform. 

Because to be approved by the platform you have to claim your website and your email and although we’ve gone through the same process ourselves I personally wouldn’t know how to do that.  

But I’m sure that’s not an easy task or one that can easily be managed simply because you have an email. So second thing you should make sure to pay attention is if they claim their website and if their website is real.

Third: length of the reviews

But you shouldn’t really stop there because there’s one more thing you need to pay attention to. Let’s assume that it’s possible to get fake reviews on trustpilot.

Now I personally don’t know if it’s possible at all or if not. Because this is something that we don’t write about or not professionals off. 

But for the sake of example let’s assume that it was possible and they made those reviews. There is a study that shows that the real people tend to leave reviews that are personal and relates to a single problem and usually more than a few words in length. 

What that means is if you see a review that says; great platform, awesome site, great service or anything like that that’s most likely not a true and not a real review. 

Now you could very much be a real person living a real review but but if you are wondering how to buy tiktok followers safely then you’re going to want to pay attention to the fact that there are more than just two words on the reviews. 

Once you’ve done that there are more things that you should follow it up with and we’re going to be discussing them soon in the next chapters

Checking for payment methods

Now let’s assume that you found the platform and you vetted it you found out many positive reviews about the platform and the claim their website so on and on. 

But what exactly is the step that you should take to be able to know that you are buying something safely. There’s just one last thing you need to do to make sure that regardless of what you buy whether it’s safe or not you yourself are going to be safe. And that is buying with PayPal. 

Now PayPal isn’t something new or a New concept that we need to introduce or tell you about, you already know what that is. But why you should focus more on PayPal than anything else is because of the same things that you probably already know.

But we’re still going to mention which are that you can actually refund your money and you can claim your money if you didn’t get what you initially desired. Even if you got your product but you’re not satisfied there are still ways to claim your money back to your paypal account. 

In other words PayPal is the safe spot to buy something online when you are trying to see if they are real or legit. 

Because regardless whether they’re real or not you will be able to get your money back if you pay through PayPal. 

Now that’s something that you should keep in mind and check if the platform you landed on has an option or offers payments through PayPal. 

Now many platforms in this industry offer chat support or emails or or contact phone numbers or whatsapps or things like that. So if you like the platform and you seem to like the design or something then you should contact them and ask them if they provide payments with PayPal.  

There are many platforms that already do by default even if they don’t, there’s nothing holding you back from contacting them and asking if they can actually arrange that for you. Any many cases they really arrange that for you.

Don’t buy too many followers at once 

We have not only told you that it was safe to buy tiktok followers online and give you a perfect example of platform but advocated the idea of buying followers right so now if you need to give you some advice on how to do that right because you can’t be buying followers all the time thinking that that’s the safest and perfect way to grow

Because that really is not the safest way if you keep buying followers all the time, this will only fill your profile with followers that are from bots to inactive people to a maximum of a few real people.

So that’s a bad idea right?

Now to avoid a mistake like this you don’t need to buy tiktok followers in bulk. Buy tiktok followers every now and then and only then you post a new clip. Even then you should only buy from 50 to 60 to 70 maximum to 100 followers at a single purchase.

Because if you keep on buying thousands or more every single time you post it is certainly going to have thousands of followers in a week or two but those thousands won’t be engaging with the content nor helping you grow and get more followers.

Because that’s not how a real account grows on tiktok of course there are some exceptions when people go viral with the first video they post but that’s like a very unstable and nonstatistical example that if you are new to tiktok shouldn’t even want to be that person because it’s really bad in so many areas that we can’t even discuss at all.

Plus it’s not possible to maintain that so you can only hope and rely on what works statistically and what works is that buying followers on a certain amount every now and then.

Make sure to post quality video consistently 

We have decided to drop this advice as well, although you probably have heard this a thousand times I’ve seen this in almost every single blog. This still is one of the most important aspects of growing on tiktok

Because even when you stop buying followers after a certain period let’s say when you have those 10,000 followers that you can start making money on. You will need to keep those followers interested in your content

The only way to do that is if you post consistently and if you post consistently the highest quality video in your niche.

Not posting highest quality content in your niche is not an easy task to understand or identify. That’s why people simply say post high quality content cuz that’s almost the same.

But not 100%, if you are in an educational niche then you can’t possibly put the highest quality Post in this educational niche but you should be trying to do so.

Because that gives something for you to plan an aim at. Plus knowing your niche you will know what to compare it with and you will know what is the quality content because that will be a tangible thing for you to be able to compare, analyze and compete against.

So post content consistently and post the highest quality content you can Master up and probably the highest quality in the niche of your choice

Engage with you followers 

Although this also may seem like a cliche advice, this is also another one of those things that you can’t possibly leave out.

The rate at which you engage  with your followers determines how good of an influencer you are. Because the more you engage the more people will engage back with you. 

This is not only useful for your SEO purposes, for your growth for a whole bunch of other things that helps you grow on tiktok. 

But simply it’s also useful for reputation. It just means you’re one of those down to earth influencers that engages with their followers. And that reputation goes far longer than anything else in this business.

That is something you should try to have, that’s what drives more followers, more traffic, more likes, more shares, more of anything you could possibly want from the tiktok platform. 

So engage with your followers even if they’re just a few; write a comment, answer the questions, or ask questions from them, or anything that comes to your mind. Just make sure to engage with them regardless of the number of followers you have.

Keep doing that unless you have about a million followers or more. Because then we have about a million it wouldn’t be possible to engage with every single comment but even then you should probably hire someone else who does that for you so that you can’t keep growing to reach until 100 million followers or so.

To wrap up

At the end of the day if you want to buy tiktok followers the process itself is real simple and easy all you have to do is Google and find the platform and go out and check it out and buy it. 

But we understand that you want to be safe and check if the platform is legit because you might as well be coming to buy tiktok followers more than just once. In those cases you should follow our tips and do your little research to see if they are real. To remind you what those tips were

  1. Check if they have reviews
  2. Check if they have any accounts on trustpilot that’s approved
  3. Check the quality of the reviews on trustpilot
  4. Last but not least check if they offer payment options with PayPal

Now you could go ahead and do more checks and tests if you’d like to be 100% sure that the platforms are safe but once you’ve done these you’re already 99% of the way to knowing the platform is legit and safe to buy tiktok followers from.

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