Besides the variety in style we encounter in leather jackets, there comes an option in the material for the buyers as well. Yes, if you do not favor real leather jackets for any xyz purpose, the friendly option for you is faux. While faux is known as the synthetic version of leather, some go the extra mile to grab the kind. 

Essentially, people often prefer faux leather for its ability to resist stains and cracks to a certain level.  Moreover, goods manufactured of faux leather are easy to clean requiring no special expertise or tool. With little to no effort at home, people can literally clean their faux leather products, including jackets like a pro. 

Well, if you are someone who possesses a Synthetic leather jacket or are about to make a purchase, we bring a perfect guide for you. Here are some essential steps that can help you turn your jacket fresh, clean, and pristine in no time flat. These steps are: 


Grab a liquid laundry detergent at first. In case you do not have one, go for a dish detergent instead. Regardless of the type you choose, get a mild, gentle detergent and not harsh. You can also consider some good faux leather cleaner from the store. These are formulas that consist of ingredients that are great for cleaning while being friendly to the material. If not, any delicate detergent will do the job. 


Take two cups of luke warm water in some container. Now dilute two tablespoons of liquid detergent and mix until the formula is completely dissolved. Get a small piece of a soft, light material and damp it while extracting all the unnecessary water by squeezing. The material should be squeezed to a point it feels almost wet rather excessively wet. 


Using the fabric, swab the outer of the jacket covering every part including the dirty and clean. Do not forget to cover the collar areas, underarm, and cuff. Use gentle, circular motions while cleaning even when some stubborn spills and grime do not respond. Repeat the movements and redo the damping process as need be. Since, faux leather is comparatively resistant to tear and puncture, do the needed taking your own sweet time!


Now flush the solution and refill the container with plain, clean water. Thoroughly wash the cleaning cloth with tap water and damp it in the container filled with water. Extract the excess water and start wiping the already covered areas with gentle, circular motions. Make sure to wipe off the solution water completely while refreshing the cloth through damping repeatedly. 


Observe the outerwear closely to check any possible traces of detergent left. If left, the detergent can harden the material or worse, lead to crack. Now grab a soft, dry cloth to run over the entire jacket. This process is essential to dry the water applied throughout the steps. Once you feel the jacket is dry, hang it in a hanger and carefully place it in the wardrobe. Avoid keeping the garment in sunlight or using some dryer for drying. While faux is tough and not too sensitive to sun, it’s always advised to play safe with all you value!


The last step is setting a jacket conditioner to keep your jacket supple, fresh, and healthy. Essentially, jacket conditioners are widely available in stores, with some offering extreme value and quality. So get one and apply a thin layer all over the jacket to keep discoloration, drying, and damage at bay. If not, some drops of olive oil can be an ideal replacement. However, before you resort to the application, make sure the jacket is complete dried. For that, carry out the step at least 24 hours after the cleaning process is performed.  


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Now these were some useful steps for you to save your trip to a professional leather jacket cleaner. However, if you are not into lengthy processes and prefer shorter and faster ones, check the tag on the jacket. Some faux leather jackets are tolerant to machine washing, provided that the procedure is performed under the given instructions. Hence, check for the instructions and follow the procedure as precisely as possible. 

Besides, you can also do a lot to clean the body odor that resides in the inner of the jacket. For example, you can simply dust baking soda all over the lining. Experts suggest that baking soda has the power to soak up smell without affecting the material in any form. So, take an ample amount of soda and sprinkle all over the inner, giving special coverage to the underarms area. Now place the outerwear at some place where it can stay all night, untouched by others. After 24 hours or more, vacuum the soda and smell the inner to observe the difference. While the method is sure to make a huge difference once, you can also repeat the procedure for better results. 


All thanks to the advancement in home science and technology, tasks that would otherwise need professional assistance can now be performed at home. Yes, with a right approach and correct knowledge about an individual subject, one can literally perform a job with much more ease and comfort within the four walls.  

Thankfully, the cleaning and freshening up a leather jacket, including real and faux is no exception. In a matter of 15 minutes or so, we can literally preserve the life and beauty of our leather jacket. However, make sure that the process is never overdone or underdone. Repeat it for at least twice every year but preferably for 3-4 times if you use your jacket more often than seldom.   

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