Stump Grinder-What You need to Know


If you plan on getting rid of a tree stump you may have come across a stump grinder. So, what are stump grinders? Stump grinders are machines that assist landscapers and homeowners. These machines have a cutter wheel with teeth covering the edge of the wheel. Stump grinders are utilized to evacuate the stump of a crisply cut tree, get rid of bushes and remove congested plants to form a smooth landscape for further development. The process is labor-intensive and can take time depending on the stump’s estimated age.

The working of a stump grinder majorly depends upon the components discussed above. So before you reach out and choose a stump processor, make sure you have got a chunk of genuine information about the sort of dead plants, bushes or tree stumps you plan on removing.

Should you rent or buy a stump grinder?

As a general rule of thumb it is always suggested to lease the gear in case it’s one-time work. Purchasing it will certainly be expensive. Especially if it ends up collecting dust in your store later on. However, if you live in a place or are a landscaper that requires regular use of a stump grinder, obtaining a stump grinder would be a better overall choice. 

Predator Stump Grinder is one of the foremost cherished brands within the field. So, if you plan on purchasing a stump grinder for your old bits of tree left, then this is a safe bet. This is one of the strongest machinery in this realm for trees, bushes and decaying plants, and thus stays true to its name too.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a stump grinder

A single stump remover might not work for all tree species. This is because each species has its own features. Below is a list of things to keep in mind.


The most important thing is drive. Drive implies how powerful the machine is. This is necessary since a strong drive will get work done quicker, and proves how your machine has the capacity to do loads more in a short span of time..


The size of the machine is another important aspect. The bigger the machine is in size, the less you may be able to move it around. It moreover limits your reach to little spaces that might require work. That is why always opt for a size according to your needs.

Sharp blade

The fundamental portion of the processor is called the cutter wheel. Most of the grinders have this portion made out of carbide. You should check your grinder for this part. The blade portion should be amazingly sharp and tough.Your grinder must also be able to grind at least 20 inches below grade. This will help ensure that your garden is even on the surface. 


Summing it up, keep these tips in mind to ensure more productive stump removal. No matter how unpracticed you’re in using such a tool,  these tips can assist you anyday.

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