Facebook ads: key stuff to know about them


A necessity to use advertisements on Facebook can be connected to various circumstances. However, in most cases, this has to deal with spreading some vital info about the goods, services, and so on. In this article, we will try to give some basic details about it to you.

Why are Facebook ads that effective?

It is well-known that dealing with Facebook ads turns out to bring the greatest results ever. Naturally, it’s necessary to act right to get them too. Nevertheless, here are some of the strongest arguments in favor of such ads:

  • It is possible to select out of many types of them (we will cover this below);
  • While setting up the ad, there is a chance to sort of micro-target the audience. For instance, gender, spoken languages, income, and other stuff can be considered in a rather detailed way;
  • The person dealing with the ad makes a decision on what budget is going to be spent. This is very important! For example, if the businessman is just starting, he probably has absolutely no wish to input much and can handle it using such planning;
  • The results of such ads can be very impressive, and they usually are, if we speak about the right set up. It becomes real thanks to the implementation of digital marketing strategies;
  • The audience! It is just huge on Facebook and there, it is always possible to find those interested in the particular services or market offers;
  • It does not require too much knowledge to set up these ads. But at the same time, we do not say that lacking info about the right setting up is good.

All this sounds like quite a few arguments in favor of Facebook ads, right?

What kinds of such ads exist now?

It may seem to be too much for the very beginner in this field but still, our task is to help you deal with it. Let’s begin then!

  • Video ads. Such a type can be used in Stories or the News Feed. The person ordering the ad decided what to show in it. In most cases, it is a certain product or services in the form that will be attractive to potential customers;
  • Image ads. One of the greatest advantages of them is that they are easy to set up. But this simplicity should not exclude creativity and specific implementation either;
  • Slideshow. These ones also draw attention easily but they are picked by some clients due to the fact that they require fewer data;
  • Carousel. As for this type, several images are added simultaneously to make a strong and powerful representation of the product;
  • Poll ads. Ask your potential consumers about what they want and dream of. This is actually very cool as long as the opinions of people are taken into account, and it makes them feel like the business owner cares for them (and, accordingly, it leads to bigger trust from the clients);
  • Instant experience ads. Another name for them is Canvas. In short, it is a quickly-loading full-screen format;
  • Messenger ones. Such a type allows one to reach out to future clients directly. However, in real life, this does not work very effectively all the time as long as some people simply may get irritated by this.

Also, there are dynamic, stories, lead, augmented reality, and collection ads.

Certainly, each kind of ads is characterized by certain pros and cons and it is better to consider them while trying to select an appropriate type (or few of them) for a particular business.

What about cloaking?

Yep, such a thing exists too. What is more, it is used everywhere and not only on Facebook or Instagram. And very often, cloaking is introduced to promote affiliate links.

When wondering how to cloak affiliate links on Facebook, it is necessary to take a few aspects into consideration. First of all, it is vital to act wisely when speaking of this. All actions have to be well-thought and planned in advance. Also, it is better not to do this too frequently as it might lead to some problems. 

And what is more important, it is a great idea to trust such an uneasy task to those who know how to do it and have been dealing with a similar thing for a certain time! In this case, the chance of failure is not that relevant.

What type of ad is it better to choose and how to do this at all?

It depends on what the ad will be used for and what results of implementing it are planned initially and in the further perspective. That is why it is necessary to analyze the goals carefully. Only after this, it will be easier to decide what type of ad is going to be more relevant in a particular case.

It is an awesome idea to trust this to professionals. Due to the fact that they have vast experience, they will proceed with selecting the most suitable type of ad more effectively and the chance of making a mistake is going to be much lower.

Starting to post your ad: the very beginning

As was mentioned, clearly define the goals and motives behind using Facebook advertisements. Also:

  • Decide who these ads should be introduced for. This is essential for successful work in the near future;
  • Tell yourself how much you are ready to spend to achieve all the goals that you have;
  • Think about hiring those who know how to do this better. It will help to get better results within less time which is desirable for any business;
  • It is also vital to keep the psychological aspect in mind: do not be afraid to spend a lot of money or time. A lot of people learn from their mistakes, and it is a part of success. Think about the final goal that was set.

Hope our article helped you to learn much new about advertising on Facebook today!

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