Thirty-five years of Neotech

Neotech President Craig McCrary

Within the walls of the Neotech warehouse, signs say, “Work hard. Have fun. Make a difference.” 

Around for 35 years, Neotech makes unique medical products, primarily for premature babies. Its clientele not only includes the top hospitals in the United States, but also a global clientele from about 80 different countries.  

All that, based out of Valencia.  

President Craig McCrary has been with Neotech since its early years. “I started when the company was four years old. And we only had two employees, and about 62 here in Valencia.”  

Neotech started in Chatsworth but moved to Valencia 20 years ago. Since then, the company had quadrupled in size, both in number of people and sales. Moving to Santa Clarita has been an enormous, yet important, change for the company since a large percentage of the employees reside in the valley. “A fun, exciting growth,” as McCrary calls it.  

Another major decision that proved fruitful for Neotech was to go Made-in-America in around 2000s. The decision, McCrary said, paid off.  

“It has proven to be one of the greatest decisions we ever made.”  

The global pandemic – which disrupted supply chain, impeding the reach of international products to the American market – proved that decision to be fruitful. The troubles at the port have also been a good learning experience for Neotech, which takes pride in the local production of its products. 

“It’s really given us a tremendous advantage to have suppliers and supplies that are all U.S. based.”  

Reflecting on the company’s trajectory over the years, McCrary foresees a stronger future.  

“Our plan is just to continue to grow and grow as people add technologies, add new products, and continue this trajectory. And hopefully outgrow our building in a couple of years.”  

His advice to other business leaders? 

“Be genuine,” McCrary says. “That’s the word that stands out. We’re transparent. We’re honest. We’re loyal to our vendors. The people who work here are genuine, and our ethics are consistent.”  

These are among the things that he says are most fulfilling. “Doing things right is what helps me and my team sleep better at night. We follow all the regulations.” 

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