Why There’s No Excuse for Having an Inaccessible Website in 2022


Humanity has made leaps and bounds of progress since the gloomy days when accessibility was of little to no concern to businesses. Now, accessibility is one of the highest priorities for most prospective businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs, and any that refuse to follow this guideline can face disastrous consequences. 

In 2022, there really is no excuse for having an inaccessible website. All the tools you need to accomplish this goal are right there at your disposal, and creating an inclusive website is easier than ever. Let’s jump right into it and talk about why this subject is of astronomical importance.

The Tools Are Out There 

Creating an accessible site is within arms reach for anyone, even those who are not too proficient with technology. Learning how to make your website accessible can be done in a matter of minutes, and in reality, there are only a few steps you would need to take that would increase the accessibility of your site drastically. 

All the knowledge you need is just one click away. There are a plethora of articles out there that can teach you how to make a site more accessible, and following these step-by-step would be a great way to make a start.

Even small changes like choosing basic fonts, keeping paragraphs short, adding alt text to photos, or using simple colours can have a tremendous impact on the overall accessibility of your site, and you will be well on your way to owning an inclusive website in no time at all.

On top of said small changes, there is also tech out there like the accessibility widget that can allow you to take your site’s accessibility one step further. All the solutions are out there. You just have to search for them. 

A World That Is Becoming Increasingly Progressive 

In times past, people used to give very little thought to accessibility. So, if a company happened to be a little less inclusive back then, more often than not, they would get away with it. 

However, having the same attitude today would be a quick route to obtaining a lawsuit, and this is mainly due to how progressive we have become as a species. 

The definition of progressive is that of being accepting of all people and being inclusive to everyone. People with mental or physical ailments are certainly no exception to this rule, and as a result, not taking the necessary steps to ensure that anyone and everyone can access your site is blasphemous. 

We truly hope we were able to accurately portray just how important having an accessible website is. Even apart from moral obligations and duties, having an inaccessible website can be detrimental for way more reasons than you’d expect. 

You should always factor in accessibility whenever designing a website, and if you do, you will be playing your part by making sure the world is becoming a better place. Have fun.

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