Costway: 3 Best Living Room Furniture To Buy Today


Living rooms are often the first place of contact with the house. The idea for the living room is to be aimed at coexistence and this space reflects the personality of all the residents of the house, so it gets special attention when decorating with furniture. To have a fully-furnished living room, there are several modern and colorful decor options, which can be used regardless of size. The important thing is that it is functional above all, meeting the needs of the house. By keeping this in mind, Costway Furniture has introduced beautiful and useful living room furniture that will make your room complete. Below we have shared detail about 3 top pick of Costway living room furniture. Scroll down and read about them! 

  1. 50 Inch Modern Wood Large TV Center Stand 

To bring a dramatic styling in your living room, Costway has brought 50 Inch Modern Wood Large TV Stand. As the name tells, the stand top can hold 50 inches modern TV easily plus there are 4 shelves to store more useful things. In these 4 shelves you can put necessary media and gaming related things like CDs, DVDs, consoles, gaming controls, magazines, etc. It is not a simple TV stand but a room look enhancer for you. With neat stand top, it is very easy to clean dirt anytime. The rectangular legs are capable to hold weight up to 44lbs. 

This modern TV stand is made up of MDF boards and legs are with pine wood that makes it sturdy and durable for years. The glass mullion framed doors with vintage bronze handles give your living room a charming and fresh environment. No matter you use it at home or in office, it is a perfect TV stand for both. 


+ Constructed with MDF boards and pine legs. 

+ 5 rectangular design legs to give maximum stability. 

+ 4 Shelves to store necessary items. 

+ 2 toughened glass door with vintage bronze handles. 

+ Weight capable of up to 44lbs. 

+ Neat and clean design. 

+ Cable management with back side hole. 

+ Easy to assemble, use and clean. 

  1. Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speakers 

The second one is professional sonart all-in-one speaker set to make your living room thrilling and cool. No matter, you are  professional DJ, gamer or an audio neophyte, these dual 10 Inch mic speakers will impress you a lot. You can use these speakers at home party with up to 200 people who can hear music easily. These thrilling mic speakers can work on 1600W PMPO or 150W RMS making your living room environment more pleasing. The complete set comes with a passive and active speaker, a wireless remote, wired microphone, speaker cable, and tripod stand. 

There is not limitation with these dual speakers. You can insert SD card or USB to play your favorite songs from mobile or laptop. With all of these features, you can use these Costway Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speakers at school, college, home, office, auditorium, bars, and karaoke. 


+ Comfortable side handle for easy carry and setup. 

+ Easy to switch 110V and 220V, buy and use it in any country. 

+ 150W RMS and 1600W PMPO power. 

+ Enough for spreading music to 200 people. 

+ SD card, USB, mic input, and RCA input supportive. 

+ Can be turned into FM Radio. 

+ Sturdy and durable structure 

+ Best for home, office, wedding, school, bars, and auditorium. 

  1. Industrial Rustic Accent Coffee Table 

To give a retro look to your living room, place this beautiful retro coffee table. Made up of heavy-duty steel pipes and high-quality engineered wood, this clean edged coffee table can support weight up to 80lbs. With double layer construction, you can put other necessary things in the bottom layer. The top layer can be used to keep coffee, fruits, snacks and magazines. And the bottom layer is capable of DVDs, CDS, magazines, gaming consoles, and other useful living room items. 

The tabletop is colored in rustic brown with the combination of black color steel pipe legs. This deadly combination will give a best retro look to your living room. You can use this table for coffee at lawn or can put TV on it in the TV lounge. 


+ Easy to assemble, use and clean. 

+ Clean round edges. 

+ Double-layer constructed. 

+ Anti-slip foot pads. 

+ Build with high-quality wood and black heavy-duty steel pipe. 

+ Ideal for TV lounge, living room, lawn, and office use. 

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