Do Homeowners’ Policies Cover Personal Injury Claims?

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Injuries are all too common these days. In fact, recent reports from the medical and legal sectors indicate that an estimated 31 million people are treated for injuries each year in the United States. At least 500,000 of those injuries lead to personal injury cases. Some are work-related injuries whereas others are the result of medical negligence. Certain accidents happen on the roadways while others take place in public places. In each of those scenarios, someone is ultimately accountable for the resulting injuries. That person may be held responsible for paying the injured party’s medical expenses, missed income from work, and other costs.  

When Homeowners Are Held Responsible 

In addition to those previously mentioned situations, quite a few people are injured on private property. Homeowners are liable for injuries and damages that take place on their property. If someone is injured or their belongings destroyed while on your property, you may need legal help from an experienced attorney like those at the Millar Law Firm. Having said that, you may not have to pay for all of the aftermath out of pocket. Your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover the costs. Take a look at some of the scenarios in which homeowners’ insurance might come to the rescue. 

Injuries at Your House 

Dozens of people are injured at other people’s homes each year. Homeowners are responsible for keeping their properties safe, but some issues tend to slip through the cracks. Maybe there’s a loose board on your front steps that you haven’t had the time or money to repair, and a visitor trips on it. Perhaps your dog upsets the doormat on its way outside and someone falls over it before you have a chance to straighten it out. It could be that a visitor falls over the dog itself and breaks an arm or leg. For those injuries and many others, your homeowners’ insurance is likely to cover the expenses involved.  

Problems beyond Your Property 

In some cases, homeowners’ insurance may cover injuries that don’t happen on your property. One example would be if your dog bites someone at a local park. Your insurance could cover the victim’s medical care and other expenses. If someone in your household accidentally trips another person at a nearby store or other public location, homeowners’ insurance may cover a situation like that as well. Generally speaking, if someone is injured or his or her belongings are damaged because someone in your household acted carelessly, your insurance could protect your best interests.  

What Does Homeowners’ Insurance Not Cover? 

For the most part, homeowners’ policies won’t cover intentional injuries. In the event someone in your household gets angry and punches another person in public, your insurance probably won’t provide financial help. If someone is injured because you were driving recklessly or while distracted, your homeowners’ insurance won’t cover that, either. Keep in mind, though, your car insurance probably will. In addition, if something falls off of your roof and damages another person’s vehicle, your homeowners’ insurance may kick in.  

Using Homeowners’ Insurance to Your Advantage 

As mentioned, homeowners are accountable for keeping their properties safe to minimize the risks of injuries and damages. It’s not always possible to keep up with every detail, though. Additionally, people are expected to act responsibly, but that doesn’t always happen. In situations where you or other members of your household fall short of the typical expectations, your homeowners’ insurance may provide assistance. It could pay for the injured party’s medical expenses and even cover the cost of hiring an attorney to help with your case.  

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