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Multiple online shops are available. It is a perfect option for customers who want to buy something without going anywhere. A person can use a tablet or a phone to check out the available items and buy what they need. Nowadays, you can purchase clothing, gadgets, PC parts, jewelry, etc. Online stores make customers’ lives easier. As for business owners, they are a challenge. Creating and running an online store can be a tough challenge. Here are some of the factors to consider when you build an online shop: 

  • It has to have all the functions (search fields, tabs, filters, etc.) necessary to make online shopping easier. All features should always work properly. 
  • The site has to look contemporary and be user-friendly. 
  • You need to ensure the highest level of data protection. 

Luckily, many platforms make creating online shops faster and easier. WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce platforms. It has all the tools you need for building a modern online shop. You can also easily manage the online store content. It is possible to add something new or remove unnecessary content quickly. 

You should consider using a WordPress WooCommerce theme from TemplateMonster to speed up and simplify the development process. A template is a basis for your project with numerous useful features included. 

Advantages of a WordPress WooCommerce Theme 

TemplateMonster’s products have numerous features that developers will find useful. Some of them are: 

  • Megamenu – you may quickly add complex menus with subcategories. 
  • Different layouts (grid and list) – choose how to demonstrate the available products. 
  • Ajax cart – clients can add products to the cart without visiting a special page. 
  • Advanced search options – they will help people find what they need fast. 
  • Blog – publish articles dedicated to the products you sell. For example, if you sell electronics, you may add an article comparing different camera models. It may help people choose the product that will be better for them. Please pay special attention to the text quality – it should be useful and have no unnecessary information. 
  • Multiple currencies support – a useful feature for online shops that want to find clients in various countries. 
  • Scroll-to-top button – a user can immediately return to the top section of your site. 
  • Reviews – let people share what they think of a product. 
  • Tabs – by having several tabs, you can make your online store easier to use. It is a useful function if you sell different kinds of products. For example, you run an online store with PC parts. You may have tabs for CPUs, GPUs, RAM modules, PSUs, keyboards, monitors, etc. It makes it easier to find the necessary item. 
  • Sliced PSD – you may customize the site style via editing the included PSD file. It is customization-friendly – it has multiple layers, and you can easily access the sections you need to edit. Please note that it is the native Adobe Photoshop format. 
  • Product comparison – people can quickly compare two items and decide what will be better for them. 
  • Google Fonts, clean, commented, and optimized code, detailed documentation, multilingual, quick installation, and more. 

WordPress WooCommerce Theme Versatility 

TemplateMonster’s products are versatile and ideal for simple and complex projects. The WooCommerce themes ensure you have everything necessary for building a stunning online store. Please note that such products are suitable for people not familiar with coding. You can edit a theme via the visual page builder. You do not need to modify the source code. Instead, you can add the necessary components to achieve the desired result via the drag and drop feature. It makes the template customization process faster and easier. Code optimization guarantees that the site will load quickly and work stable no matter how many components you have. 

The themes from TemplateMonster also support several languages. It is important to make your website available in several languages to attract customers from different countries. Note that you can also use the languages that use the right-to-left script without issues. 

The templates are also completely SEO-friendly, which is crucial for online stores. What if the competition is tough? What if many other websites sell the same products as you do? That is when you need to do everything possible to ensure that people will find your website first. That is when SEO becomes crucial. 

Many people use phones to access the Internet. Using a WordPress WooCommerce theme from TemplateMonster, you can be sure that nobody will have issues with your site. TemplateMonster’s themes are completely responsive. It means that your site will always work properly on devices with different screen sizes. 

On top of that, templates are very flexible. You can change everything about it – from layout to fonts and icons. It is also possible to change the color scheme. Therefore, you should not pay too much attention to the design when you choose a template. You can always quickly modify it. 

Using a WordPress WooCommerce Theme 

Some developers may wonder – why use a theme or even buy a premium template? Of course, there are visual page builders, and it seems easy to build a template. The challenge is to make the website look contemporary. It is important to know how to place all UI elements to ensure that the website is easy to use. You also need to add the visual elements, and they should not distract visitors from the main content. The design should not be stale or cluttered. Do not forget about the color scheme as well. 

Free templates are available, but they may lack the required functions or do not look very impressive. Such themes are great if you work on a small project. Premium themes are great for all kinds of simple and complex projects. 

TemplateMonster is where you can find both free and premium templates. However, TemplateMonster is more than WooCommerce themes. You can also get audio and video assets, graphics, etc. If you have any issues with website development – you should consider requesting one of TemplateMonster’s services. It is not a simple marketplace. It is a reliable partner that will help you create, launch, and maintain your website. 

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