What Are the Malfunctions of the Oven and How to Fix Them?

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Ovens have recently become very popular, as it is simple and convenient to bake any dishes in them because it is enough to set the temperature and cooking time, and you can do other tasks. Oven breakdown is quite rare, but still, it can happen at any time and thus ruin all plans for a delicious lunch or dinner. In this article, we will tell you what malfunctions of an electric oven can happen and how they can be fixed without resorting to the services of a repairman. 

  1. The electric oven doesn’t properly heat up  

So, you set the temperature, the timer, and sent the dish to bake, and at the end, you found that it was beautifully browned on top, and left in its original form on the bottom. This phenomenon indicates a possible malfunction of the heating element of the oven. To check if the heater is broken, turn off the appliance and allow it to cool completely. After the oven becomes cold, turn it on and gently feel the bottom or top (depending on which zone the food is not baked in). If there is no heating, then the heating element has burned out and needs to be replaced. Usually, it requires the involvement of a master. Just look for the appliance repair in Brampton, or go directly to https://fixappliances.ca/brampton-appliance-repair/

  1. The oven does not show signs of life 

You turn on the oven, but it does not react at all: no light inside, the timer does not work, there are absolutely no sounds, etc. There can be many reasons for the device failure, let’s figure out what needs to be checked first of all before calling a master: 

  • Is there electricity in the house? Perhaps you simply did not pay attention to how you turned off the electricity; 
  • Does the outlet for the oven work? To check this, you can plug in any other electrical appliance, such as a hairdryer or iron. In the event of a malfunction of the outlet, it must be repaired; 
  • Is the cable and plug for the oven OK? To diagnose these elements, you need to check them for resistance. If the plug is defective, it must be replaced; 

In addition to the above problems, the more serious malfunctions can be detected, for which you will need the help of a repairman. So what could have happened: 

  • Oxidation or burning of terminal blocks – this could happen as a result of frequent use of the oven. The pads will need to be cleaned or replaced with new ones; 
  • Burning or damage to the wires inside the device – the wires could burn due to a voltage drop, prolonged use of the oven, as well as improper care for it; 
  • Failure of the electronic control module – in this case, the oven must be disassembled and the element removed.  
  1. The oven is overheating 

If you set the desired temperature and cooking time, but at the end of the process you find that the product is still uncooked, too fried, or too dry, most likely the oven is heating too much or vice versa – not enough. The fact is that the electric oven has a thermostat that is responsible for adjusting the temperature. The thermostat controls the heating. If the food burns or does not bake, and the cooking mode is set correctly, the reason lies in the malfunction of the thermostat. You will need to replace it with a new one: for this, it is better to contact a professional.

  1. Bad smell in the oven 

Very often, users complain about a bad smell when turning on the oven. Fortunately, this does not indicate a breakdown of the device. If food is baked quite rarely, then the reason is quite understandable: during the idle period, dust sticks to the heating elements, which begin to burn out when heated, and provokes the release of an unpleasant odour. To prevent the dish from absorbing an unpleasant odour, it is enough to warm up the appliance with the door open for about 20-30 minutes and the fumes will disappear. However, if there is a smell of plastic or wiring, you should turn off the device and contact the serviceman for diagnostics, since such a smell is the first signal that the wires are burning. 

  1. Convection lowers the temperature 

If you noticed that the fan, which is designed to circulate air in the oven, blows cold air (which should not happen), then the heating element located behind the fan has burned out. The heating element needs to be replaced with a new one. In most ovens, the replacement of the heating element is carried out from inside the oven. To do this, you need to remove the grate located inside the device on the back wall and dismantle the faulty part, then install a new one. 

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