Robert Lamoureux | What to do about loose roof tiles?

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question: Robert, I recently noticed that a couple of tiles (Cal-Shake composite) have moved out of place on our roof. From what I can see, they seem to only need to be glued back in place. However, I was told in the past not to walk on these tiles as they were very brittle.  

I understand that these tiles are discontinued, so if this results in a leakage problem, then my only recourse is to replace the roof since it cannot be repaired?  

I don’t know when the tiles came loose, so I can’t determine whether this roof issue was there during the last rain. There are no visible signs of leaking from inside the house. This being the case, if the roof is not leaking, then I should let it be for now? Would appreciate your thoughts.  

— Mark 

Answer: Mark, thank you for writing in. Check the local roofing building supply houses. Many times, they have a bone yard and will have what you’re looking for. Walking on these tiles can break them — you just must walk gingerly on them at the outer edge where the two tiles meet. There is a lot of meat at the intersection of the two tiles meeting.  

If they have slipped it’s because they were not nailed in place. Use a little roofing mastic at the leading edge and slip them back in. If you happened to beak one or two and it’s on the street side, you could always go to the rear or side of the roof and pull one of those and replace it where it’s most visible and use the replacement that might not match and place it on the side where not so visible. Hope this helps. 

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