Amazing Tips For Maintaining Your Church Furniture Clean


In many churches worldwide, congregation members are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the furniture. Church furniture needs constant care to last for many years. Dirt accumulation looks dismal on furniture because it’s constantly exposed to dust and body oils.

Many church members are unaware of different ways to care for furniture and prolong its useful life preventively. For the church, whose main focus is on maintaining its traditions, it is essential to be able to restore, preserve and keep its furniture intact and last for generations.

To ensure parishioners can pray in a serene and orderly environment, keeping the church clean and well cared for is crucial. To prevent dirt and sloppiness, you need to know how to clean chairs and other types of furniture effectively. Likewise, it would help if you learned to keep the temple and furniture clean by avoiding exposure to natural agents such as humidity or the sun.

Limit exposure to the sun’s rays

The church may look harmonious with that ray of light that covers most of the pulpit during the congregation, but it is also a harmful element. Although the sun is energy, when any material is exposed for too long, it can dull the paint and damage it in the long run.

It is important to prevent sun exposure on the chairs for a long time. You can cover the windows with thick fabrics while the church does not receive parishioners and even completely cover the chairs to extend their duration.

Keep the space at the constant temperature

As wood is a natural material, it contracts and expands due to temperature changes. A constant humidity and natural temperature must be maintained inside to keep the church and chairs in good care. You must be careful to filter UV radiation that might wreak color on the church’s windows.

Prevent excessive dampness

One of the most harmful elements that can affect church furniture is humidity, so you must prevent it. For the rainy season, it is good to use church stackable chairs and not the traditional benches that are more receptive to moisture. On the other hand, you have to protect the windows and access doors from the rain so that the humidity does not settle in the area.

Maintaining constant cleanliness throughout the building is another strategy to stop moisture in your church. Get used to cleaning the floor, walls, stackable chairs, or the benches that serve the congregation.

Avoid using aerosol products

Suppose you’re looking to keep church chairs and pews for a long time; you need to know how to clean them. A tip you should not ignore is avoiding the use of aerosol products for this type of furniture. This is because the spray cleaner produces a lot of moisture in the exposed area, which causes damage to the furniture.

When cleaning pews, you should use simple cleaning products and a mop. Although the traditional cleaning process is tedious, it is also the safest way in which you will avoid pew damage.

Use a cloth made of cotton when dusting

Whether you have modern church furniture or hardwood pews, you should always try to clean them with a cotton cloth to dust the area. Dust is another natural element you should be afraid of because its exposure will affect the furniture as well.

The cotton cloth will be an infallible weapon to dust, but it is a process that must be done daily. Rule out vacuum cleaners for upholstered church furniture to avoid breaking it or weakening its surface.

The final thoughts

Maintaining church furniture is a complicated task considering that furniture is exposed to various natural factors daily. But if you follow each of the tips in this article, you will not only make your furniture last longer but also achieve the desired aesthetics. 

You should be aware of the two natural factors: rain and sun, which often destroy church pews. Another issue that will harm the pews is the dust overlook. Do not forget to use good quality cleaning products that comply with giving you the result you are looking for and have a church in optimal conditions.

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