How Hughes Marino Is Reigniting the Commercial Property Game


Hughes Marino is known for its commitment to delivering excellence in all endeavors. The company was created with the intention of giving tenants and buyers the representation they require. Championing the underdog, Hughes Marino has set new precedents in the commercial property industry. When Hughes Marino launched 11 years ago, the leadership team said they knew they wanted to revolutionize the commercial real estate brokerage industry and create a company that would not only offer clients top-notch services, but promote ongoing growth and development within its own team. With clients throughout the United States and the world, its team says they’ve achieved just that. It has won its fair share of accolades, including being chosen by Fortune magazine as No. 1 Best Workplace in the Nation and one of the Top 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials in the Nation. 

The enterprise is devoted to bringing on board the most qualified talent and approaches all projects with passion and vision. Its hiring process is a discerning one. Its leadership describes its team as its greatest strength and uses its core values as a GPS for success. The brand’s leadership says it only brings people on board who are aligned with its overall principles.  

Here’s how the firm says it has zoomed beyond the status quo in the commercial property industry. 

Hughes Marino Puts Tenants First  

Dedicated to tenant representation, Hughes Marino is a brand built on keeping clients informed, confident, and appreciated and providing them with cutting-edge services to save time and reduce risk. The company works to ensure each client knows their options so they can make the best decisions about their property needs. While traditional brokers represent landlords, this San Diego-based business does the opposite.  

An Award Winning Company Culture Propelled the Brand To Expand — Even During the Pandemic  

Hughes Marino adheres to its core values, which include key mantras such as “enjoying the journey,” “building lasting relationships based on trust,” and “generously giving to others.” The company’s team members have been involved with numerous community events and charitable causes and remain dedicated to the brand’s overall vision of “being the hardest workers in the room.” In keeping with its constant pursuit of growth and learning, the company is linked to the latest technologies to keep its team connected, thriving, and ahead of the next big industry trend.  

On its Instagram page, @hughesmarino, it shares inspirational quotes, business wisdom, and camaraderie within the company, offering images of team members working together, original office artwork that adorns office walls, and even celebrates the personal accomplishments of teammates who are running marathons, expanding their families, and hiking.  

The dedication and vision of the Hughes Marino leadership shone even through the darkest days of the pandemic. Through sweat equity and determination, they opened an office in Denver in January 2021. 

Hughes Marino’s Team Understands the Sale-Leaseback Market 

Vice President Matt Geist says while sale-leaseback transactions are commonplace, there are some misunderstandings involved with the process. Hughes Marino’s team is not only eager to explain this option to clients, but can make sure it’s done properly. It involves an owner-user selling their real estate asset to an institutional purchaser and then in turn leasing the property as a tenant. 

Hughes Marino Sees Value in Transparency 

Transparency is a key part of Hughes Marino’s mission. The team says it’s always working to increase it. “At Hughes Marino, we are working hard to eliminate dual agency, to increase transparency, and to deliver value for the companies that lease and buy corporate real estate,” Senior Vice President John Jarvis says on Setting objectives and key results is another way the business maintains transparency. Before each quarter begins, the agency helps its “Ops Team” members map out goals for the quarter by establishing OKRs. Harvard Business Review reports that organizations achieve increased retention and more seamless execution of tasks by remaining in sync with team OKRs. As a result of its dedication to transparency, the business has been voted Most Trusted Brand by SD Metro Magazine and one of the Most Admired Companies multiple times by the same publication.  

It Is a Privately Held Company  

“As a privately held, family-owned company with no fiduciary obligation to Wall Street, it is free from the restrictions of formality,” Owen Rice, executive vice president at Hughes Marino, says on The firm’s primary fiduciary duty is to protect the interests of its clients. Maintaining the belief that “where you do business matters,” Hughes Marino continues evolving, offering its expertise and producing results.  

Headquartered in San Diego with offices in multiple cities including Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco, Hughes Marino is an operation that aims to deliver results and also keep its team motivated through passion and hard work. Motivational speakers, including rapper turned bestselling author Jesse Itzler, have been repeatedly invited to speak to the firm’s team. Itzler spoke to the team about the importance of embracing every opportunity, why a detour from an original business plan can actually be a step in the right direction, and never taking success for granted. 

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