Signs Your Job is Making You Sick

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In 2016, a Frenchman sued his employer for giving him a boring job; he won the case. Every year, hundreds of people drag their employers to court, complaining of such issues as negligence, burnout, and discrimination. However, many are unaware that their jobs could also make them physically ill. 

There are so many toxic issues present in the workplace that are capable of making one extremely unhappy and sick as well.According to Aaron Black, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, “Too many people are trapped in all sorts of toxic jobs, and that’s because the corporate world is rife with all sorts of crimes including bribery, racketeering, money laundry, you name it.” Working in an environment where you have to deal with issues such as burnout, boredom, discrimination, and even crime can make one physically ill. Here are a few ways to know your job is making you sick. 

How Toxicity in the Workplace Impacts Your Health 

Research by Mind found that work is the most stressful influence in the lives of many employees. Stress is a part of daily life; It is not a mental health problem on its own but having to deal with stress daily at the workplace could quickly bear down on a person’s health and lead to mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety.  

Frequenting a stressful workplace can also impact your life in a considerable number of ways;this includes single symptoms and full-blownsicknesses. Some of these symptoms include difficulty breathing, frequent crying spells, high blood pressure, stomach ache, excessive drinking, a feeling of irritation, difficulty concentrating or paying attention, and a constant need to get high. 

You’ll Know Your Job is Making You Sick If 

You Sleep All the Time 

Work-related stress might be making you sleep too much. If you struggle to get out of bed every morning, despite having over 8 hours of sleep at night, it could be your body’s way of coping with the elevated adrenaline levels associated with stress.  

You Can’t Sleep at All 

Inability to sleep is one of the significant signs of work-related stress. If you work in a toxic environment, you may be up all night thinking about issues in the workplace and how to get around them. Insomnia is a serious health problem that should be resolved quickly because when your body is sleep-deprived, it could affect your immune system and mood. 

Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels are Always High 

You’ll know your workplace makes you sick if you constantly suffer elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The doctors may advise a lifestyle change to help keep you in better health; this includes staying away from places that trigger stress for you. In this case, your job. 

Nothing Brings You Joy 

A toxic place can make you so unhappy that all the things that used to matter to you, no longer do. You’ll find yourself always thinking about work and consequently, always unhappy and may not enjoy hanging out with your friends and family. You may also start isolating yourself socially. 

You Experience Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain 

Sometimes you may be experiencing so much anxiety thinking about your job, that you completely lose your appetite all day every day. If you find yourself losing weight excessively, consider whether this could be due to the pressure coming from your job. Likewise, it is not uncommon to experience some weight gain when working under pressure, and this is due to an increase in the body’s adrenaline level. Stress also makes some people eat a lot more than they should. 

You Feel Sick and Tired of Everything 

Your job might be waking you sick if you wake up each day feeling very unmotivated about any tasks. When your body is stressed for too long, it reduces your energy levels making you feel fatigued all the time. When you’re in the state, getting any meaningful tasks done all day is pretty difficult.  

You Have a Weak Immune System 

Work-related stress could weaken your immune system, which means you’ll be more likely to contract viruses. You may notice you have a lingering cold that seems to have no cure.  

What To Do If Your Job is Making You Sick? 

If you have been working a toxic job and battling health issues; here are a few simple ways to be kinder to yourself

  • Seek out psychological support at work 
  • Ask for help from friends and family 
  • Identify the stress triggers at work and avoid them 
  • Seek out other work opportunities in less toxic environments 
  • Set healthy boundaries at work 

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