5 Products That Make Great Keepsakes


When you think of keepsakes, what comes to mind? Most people think of things like pictures, trophies, and mementos. While all those items are certainly valuable and cherished possessions, other items can also make great keepsakes.  

There are few things in life as sentimental as keepsakes. They can remind us of happy memories and help keep loved ones close to our hearts. So, if you’re looking for unique gift ideas, why not consider some products that make great keepsakes?  

Here are five products that can be treasured long after their original purchase.  

A Special Book or Journal 

Many books can make great keepsakes, and some require you to pour imagination and heart into them. One option is a photo book where you compile images throughout your relationship or friendship. You can create one automatically at printedmemories.com, and you can even use your Facebook or Instagram photos. This way, you’ll create a stunning photo book that is forever treasured in just a few minutes. 

If you’re not into photography, a journal can also be a great way to capture memories. This gift will require some preparation, so it would be a good idea to begin documenting experiences now for a great gift in a few years. Choose one with fun designs and interesting pages to make it extra special. 

A Piece of Jewelry 

If there’s someone in your life who means a lot to you, why not give them jewelry as a keepsake? You could choose something simple like an earring or necklace or go all out with a custom-made piece incorporating their birthstone or favorite color.  

As people get older, they begin keeping jewelry in displays or boxes and will occasionally browse through it from time to time. What’s more, this gives the recipient an easy way to make you happy in the future since all they’d need to do is wear the jewelry you gave them when they see you.  

Custom Art 

If you have an artist friend, why not commission them for some custom art that will commemorate your time together? This could be anything from a painting to a sculpture to even a tattoo! Better yet, why not pick up a paintbrush and paint it yourself? This could be something they could hang in their office and think of you whenever they see it. 

You could also, as mentioned above, pay for their next tattoo or go together to get a tattoo. This gift should obviously be reserved for someone special since tattoos are permanent. You could also hire someone from a freelancing website to sketch the recipient’s digital or physical caricature.  

A Sentimental Item 

Sometimes, the best keepsakes don’t have any monetary value at all! Sometimes, it’s the item itself that has sentimental value, like an old teddy bear from childhood or your mom’s favorite dish towel. These items might not seem important at first glance, but they hold tons of meaning for us, and we love having them around as reminders of our loved ones and past experiences.  

You don’t need to get the exact item from childhood since this could be impossible, but you could get something similar. For example, a teddy from the same brand, or a baseball like the one you would play with together.  

An Experience 

Finally, another option for a great keepsake is an experience instead of an object. Make reservations at your favorite restaurant, buy tickets to see your favorite band perform live, or take advantage of any other opportunity that excites you! Experiences tend to stay with us longer than material objects and provide us with memories we’ll always cherish. 

To make the experience sentimental, you need to make it special. This doesn’t mean a trip to your local restaurant. Consider the person and their hobbies; if they enjoy football, take them to a championship game and try to get front-row seats. If they enjoy being outdoors, consider arranging a camping trip with fun activities like fishing or hunting.  

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