Robert Lamoureux | A recommendation that paid off — twice

Robert Lamoureux
Robert Lamoureux

Question: Hi Robert, a little over a year ago, my granddaughter and her husband had a small glitch with their heater in their new “used” house and I asked you for a recommendation. You gave me Tom’s name and number and he came right out, found a very minor problem and he fixed it right away.  

Fast forward to last week and their 33-year-old AC condenser quit, so they called Tom. He came out this past week and determined it was shot. He gave the kids an initial quote and in the meantime they had (a larger company) come out to quote. They quoted $20,000 for a new condenser and a new furnace as well as telling them they needed new ducting (and accidentally punched a hole in their drywall while in the attic), as well as a new thermostat. They already had a fairly new digital one.  

Tom and his crew came out at 6:30 a.m. today per their arrangement and did the entire job and were clean-working, friendly and efficient, and charged them $7,900 for everything. They said the ductwork was in great shape, just needing a small tape repair. 

The kids couldn’t be happier with Tom and his crew and you for your recommendation. I figured you might like some feedback about recommendations you make so here you are. 

Hope you remember me as I met you years ago at Home Depot when I worked in electrical (1997) and you have twice given me passes to the castle. Thanks for all your help,  

— Dave R. 

Answer: Dave, of course, I remember. Nice to hear great feedback from people. It makes it so easy to refer companies like Tom’s. Thank you for writing in. 

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