Garcia introduces ‘Restoring Workers’ Rights Act’

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Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, has introduced H.R. 8755, The Restoring Workers’ Rights Act of 2022, to the U.S. House of Representatives.  

“The Restoring Workers’ Rights Act will foster economic competition and level the playing field for workers, resulting in better opportunities and higher wages by banning non-compete agreements for lower to middle income workers,” said a prepared statement issued by Garcia’s office. 

“It’s no secret that American workers have been struggling to get a financial foothold for the past two years. To make employment conditions better for these workers, I am proud to introduce the Restoring Workers’ Rights Act,” Garcia said in the news release. “This bill will ban non-compete agreements for any worker who is subject to overtime protections. That will promote free market competition and position workers to better improve their wages, protections and benefits. I am proud to work in Congress to support the American worker and make our country a better place to get a good-paying job, start a family, and live a meaningful life.” 

R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer issued the following statement in support of the bill: “Nearly all non-compete agreements are an assault on the freedom of workers and employers alike. The passage of this bill would be a major free-market triumph.” 

American Compass Research Director Wells King also released a statement in support of this legislation: “Left to their own devices, too many American corporations have exploited their bargaining power and needlessly limited their own employees’ future economic opportunities. The Restoring Workers’ Rights Act represents a much-needed policy reform. It will put an end to the most abusive non-compete agreements and help to level the playing field for American workers.” 

John Lettieri, Economic Innovation Group president and CEO, also voiced support for the bill: “The evidence is clear: Non-compete agreements are a major obstacle to worker mobility, wage growth, entrepreneurship and innovation. They stifle workers and employers alike, blocking workers from pursuing better jobs and limiting the pool of qualified candidates for businesses looking to hire. EIG applauds Rep. Garcia for recognizing the need for limitations on how noncompete agreements can be used, and we urge Congress to work on a bipartisan basis to enact urgently needed reform.” 

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