Is American Football Finding Success Around The World?


Of all the classic American sports, it isn’t easy to look past American football or the NFL, as it’s more commonly known as being the most popular. And that’s in the USA and beyond. But just how much success is American football having around the world right now?

A massive draw where the NFL action is concerned is, of course, the Super Bowl. It’s a global event that millions tune in to watch from all four corners of the planet. People watch because of the entertainment spectacle that it is, for the half-time show, and because betting online on NFL games is fun too. The Super Bowl has many strings to its bow, but it’s just one yearly event on the calendar.

Canada may not be too far away from the US, but this is one country that has taken American football on in a big way, as you probably expect. It’s one of the top three sports in the country, behind the national sport, ice hockey, and Canadian football. But, a large percentage of Canadians not only enjoy playing American football but also follow the NFL action closely by watching on TV.

Mexico is another country, like Canada, that isn’t too far away from the US and is located in the Americas. And since the 1890s, Mexicans have enjoyed playing American football, with the sport’s popularity ramping up as the years have passed. It’s estimated that well over 15 million people in Mexico are avid NFL fans, a number that continues to grow at breakneck speed.

The UK is another adopter of American football, and more specifically the NFL, with the sport’s popularity coming on leaps and bounds in England in recent years after NFL games have been held at Wembley Stadium and the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The UK is a country full of sports lovers, and American football has been appreciated for some time in Britain, but its popularity is rising rapidly once again.

And, if you wanted a prime example of American football finding success globally, what if we told you that since 1934, Japan has been a country embracing the sport? Yes, you read that right. From World War II onwards, American football’s popularity has increased so much that there are now hundreds of teams of all ages competing and tens of thousands of players getting involved.

American football will undoubtedly continue to become a more consistent and successful product on the world stage as it expands into other countries and regions. Social media and content are playing a significant role in this being the case, as are the latest Madden video games that draw in millions of players each year. If American football isn’t popular in a country just yet, you could suggest it’s only a matter of time when it will be, rather than if it will be, if current growth is anything to go by.

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