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Writing with luxury fountain pens is becoming more popular with average pen enthusiasts. Somebody like this writing experience, while others buy handcrafted pens to add them to their unique collection. Do you have a pen collection? Or maybe you know people who have and you would like to present them with a unique gift? We can give you a valuable recommendation!

Buy luxury Italian Ancora pens from the online store. Choose the options that will perfectly fit your hand, look for a fine design, or explore the collection of the best gifts. Ancora is something more than just a brand selling pens.

About store Ancora1919

The history of the business dates back to 1919 when Giuseppe Zanini and his partner Clerici founded “Manufacture and sale of fountain pens and luxury accessories for the graphic arts”. The company started evolving and became one of the most important participants in the Italian market in the pretty short term. Throughout its history, the brand manufactured several models of luxury pens that have already become the world’s classic after Ancora managed to reach global recognition in the early 1940s.

Shop assortment

Good luxury pens are the priority goods for this manufacturer. However, except for writing tools with exclusive engraving elements, clients can find several more products necessary for the best writing experience. Get familiar with the entire assortment of the brand.

  1. Pens. The selection of writing instruments contains unique species. Every example has an inimitable style and represents a certain topic. Designs and styles of the products are the major reasons why people not just write with these pens but also add them to collections.

Clients find fountain and rollerball pens that come in different colors and represent the most famous artworks. Pens are often devoted to certain historic events. Pens might be shiny, glittering, and opaque. To cut long story short, every client will find a worthy writing tool.

  • Nibs. To enrich your writing experience, you should try different nibs for fountain pens. Nibs can change the look of lines and the flow of inks. Ancora offers an assortment of silver and gold nibs.
  • Leaser cases. A leaser case is an accessory that makes everyday use of a pen more convenient. 
  • Refills. If you prefer writing with rollerball pens rather than fountain ones, Ancora can satisfy your writing experience as well. Buy refills and cartridges to make sure your pen will work well when necessary.
  • Inks. The quality of writing depends not only on pens but on inks. Ancora offers an assortment of writing liquids coming in different colors and hues. The selection suits writing and drawing practices. Choose the ones you like the most.

The major goal of Ancora is to provide you with a luxury writing experience. See its assortments and benefit from the discounts for new customers.

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