Humanitarian support to Ukraine continues


SCV resident Joseph White returns to provide medical supplies in November 

As Russia continues fighting to seize territory in Ukraine, civilians are in need of humanitarian aid — and Santa Clarita Valley resident Joseph White prepares for his fourth trip to offer assistance in those in need. 

White, along with medical professionals, will be traveling to the region of Kharkiv to provide medical supplies and run a mobile health clinic for Ukrainian civilians and soldiers. Medic Corp will organize the clinic with some assistance of Inspire Hope Ministries, according to White.  

“I want to be able to help long term, and I’m thankful for the various doors that have been provided for me to help,” White said. “I can’t stop now, and continue making these steps.” 

“Instead of worrying about the war, I’m trying to think about how I can be a blessing and serve others during this time,” White said.  

In this humanitarian mission, White hopes to bring medical supplies, over-the-counter medicine and portable ultrasound machines.  

“These ultrasound machines will go to a few hospitals, but also to one for the military,” he said. “They’ll be able to use those by plugging it into their phones.”  

According to White, when Russian soldiers would pass through a Ukrainian city, they would take medical supplies from pharmacies. There’s a great need for medical supplies, he added.  

White said he’s been preparing for this trip by staying up to date with news in Ukraine. He’s also been taking pharmacology courses at the University of St. Augustine, where he studies.  

“I need to know what medications we’ll be giving around, and some of these medications aren’t prescription,” White said. 

In case the Medic Corp asks White to assist in some capacity, he said he wants to be as prepared as he possibly can.  

White will land in Poland in early-November. From there, he’ll meet up with a larger group and drive supplies to three different areas.  

The team will split up and ensure they reach their destinations. White will be stopping in Lviv, Kyiv and Kharkiv, where he will assist with the mobile clinic.  

“It is a high risk,” White said. “There are reports of an increase in bombings in different cities and in Kyiv they’re trying to take out those electrical power plants.”  

His parents, Greg and HueChon White, who live in Ukraine, bought generators and handed them out to others, he said. His mother has heard the bombings, he added. 

White is finalizing preparations for his trip. He’s thankful for his parents, and wife Alvy, for their support and encouragement to complete these humanitarian trips. 

“People are in need, and I’m willing to go and help,” White said. “I love the people. I consider them as family and Ukraine is my home.” 

White set up a GoFundMe seeking financial support for the purchase of over-the-counter medicine, first aid supplies and portable ultrasounds. For those interested, visit 

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