Lite continues to lead in election funds

The 2022 Candidate Forum held at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita on Wednesday, 092122. Dan Watson/The Signal

The pool of candidates running for three open seats on the Santa Clarita City Council this year filed new paperwork last week revealing the amounts they have fundraised over the last filing period.  

According to paperwork filed at Santa Clarita City Hall, challenger Denise Lite continues to dominate the field in terms of her fundraising totals, having now received, as of Sept. 26, more than $90,000 in contributions and having spent approximately $59,000 on expenditures.  

In second place, Mayor Laurene Weste has raised approximately $69,832 and spent $24,304 and Councilman Bill Miranda has raised $57,533 and spent $14,545, according to the filings. Councilwoman Marsha McLean brings up the rear for the incumbents in terms of fundraising, having garnered $45,495 and spending $14,446. 

Challenger Selina Thomas is the next closest to McLean with $35,270 in contributions and $14,242 in expenditures; David Barlavi has raised $19,596 and spent $15,701; and Jeffrey Malick has generated $6,320 in funds and $4,952 in expenditures.  

Douglas Fraser has not reported any fundraising totals and former challenger Kody Amour announced last month that he was withdrawing from the race.  

Following the November 2022 election, the City Council will transition from at-large voting — or voting for City Council members as a whole across the city of Santa Clarita — to by-district voting, meaning voters will decide on candidates who live in their specific district and will represent their immediate community.   

Council members will continue to serve staggered four-year terms, and the three district seats will be up for election once again in November 2026 and in a by-district fashion.  

According to the agreement that was reached earlier this year between the city and the group of litigants who sued to force the change in voting system, the five districts’ boundaries will be determined before the 2024 election, when two seats are set to be decided.

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