What Is A NordicTrack Elliptical?


Workout machines are becoming more advanced, which means we can choose equipment that can tailor exercises to meet our specific goals and requirements. The NordicTrack elliptical is one of the most popular machines on the market, offering a full-body cardio workout, with the addition of coach-led routines and even a built-in fan! If you’re looking for an elliptical to add to your home gym, read on to find out more about how NordicTrack can take your gym regime to the next level.

Why purchase an elliptical?

An elliptical is a cardio machine that is popular with those of us looking for an alternative to running – whether you need a lower-impact sport, or you just don’t enjoy it! Ellipticals are also a popular piece of equipment to be used in a home gym, and this is due to the many benefits that they can provide to our fitness routine. For example, choosing to use an elliptical helps you to boost your stamina and your cardio fitness, it strengthens your muscles, heart, and lungs. You can choose between steady cardio workouts or choose a workout with higher intensity. They can help you to burn a lot of calories, perfect if you’re trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and using an elliptical means you can benefit from both an upper and lower body workout.

If you think an elliptical would be a great addition to your home gym, you’re going to need to find a model that suits your needs. A NordicTrack elliptical is one of the most popular on the market – read on to find out more about this model and what it has to offer below.

How does the NordicTrack Elliptical work?

The NordicTrack elliptical features it’s a flywheel in the front of the machine, which is generally featured in more affordable machines, but not only this, it allows for more incline to be added to a workout. The wheel being featured at the front of the machine also means that this machine is silent, with no grinding and less wear – making it one of the best ellipticals to use in your home, without disturbing anyone else! The NordicTrack has features that allow you to monitor your heart rate throughout your workout and take advantage of live classes – but you do have to pay a subscription for this.

IFit integration

This elliptical gives you the chance to subscribe to iFit, with means you can join in live and studio classes to get the most from your workout. One of the best features that come with this is that you can choose a place anywhere in the world to train from – your camera will take you there and show a trainer on the screen running so it is like you are working out in your favourite place! This helps to keep your workouts interesting – you’ll never get bored with this impressive addition.

Who can benefit?

An elliptical is a versatile piece of equipment and can be perfect if you cannot run, or you are looking for another way to get your heart rate up. Ellipticals take the pressure off your joints, which is advantageous if you have a sporting injury. If you struggle with pain in the knees, ankles or back, this elliptical offers a smooth range of motion, so you can reach your goals regardless of your pre-existing injuries. The addition of iFit also means you can tailor workouts to your fitness level – so beginners, and more advanced athletes can benefit. This elliptical may not be the best for those of us on a budget – but it is worth the investment.

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