Bill Miranda | Give the Gift of Shopping Local for the Holidays

Santa Clarita Councilman Bill Miranda

Did you know that the city of Santa Clarita is home to more than 8,000 businesses? From antique stores to service providers to big-box retailers, residents are never far away from finding just what they need here in the city. Santa Clarita is also a foodie’s paradise where you can experience the most delicious dishes from cultures around the world. It’s safe to say that Santa Clarita’s diverse business community offers everything you want close to home. 

With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, this means that you are a short distance from all of the wonderful handmade items and other goodies that top your family members’ wish lists this year. By purchasing these in Santa Clarita, you do more than just get a wonderful gift for a loved one – you also give our community a gift by supporting our local economy. 

As a matter of fact, every time you spend money in Santa Clarita, the sales tax generated from your purchase goes to fund essential services and amenities, including parks, the Santa Clarita Public Library, street maintenance and public transportation. This goes for the gifts you buy for the holidays, when you take your family out for dinner and so much more. 

When you commit to Shop Local and Eat Local, especially during the holidays, you ensure that this wonderful season of giving is a blessing for all. How, you might ask? First and foremost, shopping locally supports your neighbors. When you make a purchase from a store or eat at a restaurant in Santa Clarita, you directly support your friends, family members and neighbors who own these local businesses. 

As these businesses grow, they create local jobs. This means that our local economy becomes stronger, and residents have access to more high-quality jobs right here in the city, which results in less time commuting and more time spent with loved ones. It also means reduced emissions, which benefits our environment. This holds true for employees who work in Santa Clarita, as well as the shoppers and diners who choose to frequent a nearby establishment rather than driving outside of the city for a different option. 

Additionally, a healthy local economy attracts new businesses to our area and also encourages local business owners to start a new venture in Santa Clarita. This helps contribute to a unique Santa Clarita with one-of-a-kind businesses that become landmarks for future generations to enjoy, such as The Original Saugus Cafe, which was recently recognized as the longest continuous-serving cafe in all of Los Angeles County. 

Finally, spending your money in Santa Clarita really is an investment in our community’s programs and services. Your dollars support the business itself while also contributing to the things that makes the city such a desirable place to live. It is a showing of pride and the Santa Clarita spirit that is known far and wide; we always take care of one another and work collectively to accomplish our goals. 

So as the holidays approach, I encourage you all to pledge that you will Shop Local and Eat Local. This month, go a step further and discover a new business or restaurant that you haven’t visited before. If you can, make a point to stop and talk to the owner to learn about why she or he decided to open a business in Santa Clarita. I am sure you will find that you both want the same things: a strong, vibrant community where neighbors support one another. 

Shop Local and Eat Local are year-round campaigns shining a light on the benefits of spending your money in Santa Clarita. If you are ever in need of inspiration for where to buy the hard-to-find gift you’re seeking or the latest trendy restaurant to visit, I invite you to connect with the city of Santa Clarita on social media by visiting 

Happy holidays! 

Bill Miranda is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected] 

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