City Council approves Old Orchard Park design contract

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Signal file photo. Dan Watson/The Signal.

The Santa Clarita City Council approved the budget and plan for a redesign for one of the city’s oldest parks on Tuesday. 

Old Orchard Park, first built in 1968, is slated to receive a $280,000 makeover by Pacific Coast Land Design, with the council’s unanimous approval of the consent calendar item. 

“The city looks forward to getting the design updated to enhance and modernize Old Orchard Park,” said Carrie Lujan, spokeswoman for the city of Santa Clarita. “This park is a popular area thanks to its size and wide range of amenities, and we look forward to adding even more offerings to the site.” 

The park, located at 25023 Avenida Rotella, is expected to receive enhanced play area features, modernization of building improvements, provisions for a public art installation, updates appropriate to current building codes and phasing plans for future integration of a stormwater infiltration system on the west side of the park as part of the plans. A $20,000 contingency for potential cost overruns was factored into the contract.  

“The design focused on re-orienting the parking lot, improving pedestrian access and safety, the replacement of the irrigation system, and enhancements to the overall character and appearance of the park,” according to the agenda item. 

The master plan also included the removal of a 4,000-square-foot maintenance area, to be improved with landscaping and a new paseo access to the adjacent elementary school. The building houses the original park office, a meeting room and restroom facilities that will be remodeled by removing the office, creating Americans with Disability Act-compliant restrooms and utilizing the space better.  

The new design is also expected to reduce water usage by nearly one-third through the removal of non-essential turf areas and planting of native and drought-tolerant plants served by a low-volume irrigation system. 

“We are also looking to upgrade the elevations and the look of the multipurpose room building, as well as upgrades that will allow for greater use of the building,” said Susan Nelson, parks manager for the city.  

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