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African Hunts & Safaris is one of the best South African hunting outfitters to schedule a hunt with because they provide the best trophy hunting service, and opportunities to support conservation for clients.

Hunting in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner is very important to them and they also make every effort to guarantee that a hunter enjoys the finest examples of South African hunting safaris – including hospitality, landscape, and cultural diversity.

African Hunts & Safaris’ hunting packages are uniquely designed to incorporate everything on your trophy wish list while also providing you with the highest-quality hunting experiences possible.

The company’s skilled professional hunters, who have appropriate expertise in shooting both dangerous and plains wildlife, are dedicated to making your South African hunting safari an unforgettable experience.

Their prices include all of the expenses that are associated with the hunt, such as transportation to and from the nearest airport, a professional hunter, hunting licenses and permits, drivers, trackers, skinner services, care for trophies and delivery to taxidermists, high-quality accommodations in hunting lodges, meals and non-alcoholic drinks, and even a daily laundry service.

When putting together a hunting package, the first thing that they take into consideration is the diverse legislation that exists from province to province, the temperatures that are experienced in various regions during hunting seasons, and whether or not animals are native to a particular area.

African Hunts & Safaris provides a variety of hunting packages, the primary distinction being between hunting for plains game and hunting for dangerous wildlife (the Big 5).

Plains game

Plains game can be found in every hunting region offered by African Hunts & Safaris, with some areas offering bigger quantities than others. The number of a hunting party will dictate the location of the hunt as well as the type of lodging that is available.

The buffalo is included in each and every plains game package that African Hunts & Safaris has to offer. However, due to the fact that many customers would like to shoot a buffalo, it is classified as one of the “big five” or “hazardous games.”

Get in touch with Gerrie or Nicus to discuss the custom hunting safari packages for plains game available from South Africa.

Hunting for Dangerous Game or the Big Five

One of the most exhilarating hunting experiences one can have is going after one of the “Big 5” animals. Due to the extremely specialised nature of these hunts, it is usually necessary to confirm availability in advance.

On a hunting safari in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to hunt lion and buffalo, since a recent court judgement has made it illegal to shoot leopards, black rhinos, or elephants anywhere in the country.

African Hunts & Safaris also offers bow-hunting safaris for the many different types of game that are available to bow hunters. Bowhunters in South Africa have the opportunity to pursue some of the world’s most dangerous game animals, including the Cape buffalo and the lion.

Bow hunting is allowed in South Africa, and hunters have the option of using any of the following four types of bows: a recurve bow, a crossbow, either a longbow or a compound bow, or a composite bow.

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