4 Schiavo bills advance with bipartisan support

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News release 

Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo, D-Chatsworth, announced that four of her key bills advanced out of committee unanimously and with bipartisan support.  

“Common-sense solutions are not partisan. Passing these bills with support from Republicans and Democrats shows that when lawmakers come together and rise above partisan politics to support common-sense solutions, real change can happen,” Schiavo, whose district includes most of the Santa Clarita Valley, said in a prepared statement. “These bills address priority issues for our community, including real solutions to homelessness, protecting seniors and the disabled community, housing foster youth, eliminating insurance deductibles, and taking us into the future to electrify roads.”  

According to the statement released by Schiavo’s office, the bills that cleared their respective committee hurdles and moved one step closer to reaching the full Assembly are: 

• Foster Youth Struggling with Housing Security: Assembly Bill 963 expands the number of affordable housing units available to former foster youth struggling with housing security by establishing an unfunded loan guarantee program to provide security to qualified lenders financing the development and acquisition of housing for current and former foster youth ages 18 to 25. L.A. County Supervisor Barger, who represents the SCV, introduced a motion for the county Board of Supervisors to support AB 963, and it received unanimous support.  

Senior Safety: AB 751 ensures older adults and people with disabilities who are victims of major crimes receive the care and support from law enforcement they need. 

• Reducing Healthcare Costs: AB 1208 eliminates deductibles for Silver Plan Covered California enrollees, helping those often just above the income qualifications to get heavily subsidized plans. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in deductibles before insurance kicks in, this would allow people to seek care when they need it, without cost barriers.  

Electric Road for EV Wireless Charging: AB 823 brings the state a step closer to meeting its zero emission goals. The bill allows for new innovation in wireless electric vehicle charging through electrified roads and parking lots.  

“I am grateful to the residents and advocates who made their voices heard on these key policies to address homelessness, support foster youth and seniors, and protect our environment,” Schiavo said in the statement. “I thank my colleagues, both Democrat and Republican, who see the great benefit that these bills hold for our community. We are hopeful our bills will continue to have the needed momentum to make a real difference for our community.” 

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