9 Benefits of Drinking Water for the Skin: From Preventing Acne to Avoid Premature Aging


Are you the kind of person who doesn’t drink water regularly? Often forget to do so, or opt to not drink due to busyness or because of the plain taste of water. If you often do this, you should change this dangerous habit. Drinking water diligently by the hour is important if you want to make sure that your water count in the body is sufficient.

No matter what kind of activities you do, whether outdoors or indoors, make sure you still drink water diligently to ensure you replenish any lost water level, thus you can help the body to function optimally.

One of the best benefits of drinking a sufficient amount of water every day is to maintain your skin health. The skin on the human body contains approximately 64% water. Thus, it is no wonder that the skin needs water to maintain and improve its condition.

Without further ado, here are some of the best benefits of drinking water for our skin. Take good notes, to ensure you know the ins and outs of why water is really important for your skin health.

1.  Makes skin glow

Most of the skin cell structure consists of water.  Therefore, the body’s need for adequate water will automatically show an effect on the skin. A person who doesn’t provide enough hydration to their body will have dry and flaky skin. Conversely, people whose water needs are sufficient tend to have glowing skin that looks healthy. This is because water is useful for ensuring optimal body function and promotes better blood circulation.

2.  Reduces swollen skin

If you often drink alcohol, your skin will tend to look swollen and look unhealthy. The reason is that alcohol causes the skin to dehydrate. A great way to deal with swollen skin problems caused by alcohol is to drink lots of water. Water will help drain the lymph nodes that cause swelling while making the skin look much fresher even after binge drinking the night before.

3.  Improve skin tone

Drinking lots of water is one of the big secrets behind the appearance of clean and glowing skin. When a person drinks enough water every day, it will be easier for the body to remove all toxins from the skin. That way, the skin color will experience an overall increase, including the skin tone.

4.  Prevent premature aging

Stress, pollution, dirt, sweat, and oils are prone to causing the skin to look older than it should.  Besides wearing sunscreen, drinking enough water is another great way to keep your skin looking young and healthy. If you do not meet your water needs properly you will likely have loose and dry skin. While water won’t completely get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, at least drinking plenty of water will make your skin look firmer.

5.  Increase skin elasticity

If you want your face to look younger and your skin to look firmer and free from stretch marks, then you need to drink enough water daily. Water has been shown to have great benefits for increasing skin elasticity. Well-hydrated skin has the ability to stretch and stay tight. If you have this, then the possibility of fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the face can be minimized.

6.  Faster wound healing on the skin

The next benefit of water for the skin is to help promote faster healing. Drinking enough water can speed up the healing process for diseases such as sunburn, headaches, and viral infections.

7.  Prevent acne

The next important benefit of water for the skin is to help prevent acne. Drinking lots of water balances the water and oil content of the facial skin. This is good for preventing the accumulation of excess oil and sebum.  This results in fewer clogged pores and breakouts. The air pollution that we encounter every day, along with the lack of knowledge about the importance of hydration will make your acne problem soar. Thus if you want to get smoother and healthier skin, you should drink water around the clock and avoid your body from lacking water.

8.  Reduces itchy skin

Dry skin tends to itch, dry, and even peel and crack. This usually occurs due to a lack of moisture. The benefits of water for the skin will ensure that your skin is no longer dry and reduces the itching effect.

9.  Prevents overheated skin

Water will also help your body and skin from overheating by regulating body temperature. This may sound trivial, but it can mean a lot for the health of your skin. Drinking adequate amounts of water ensures that you don’t develop hot boils and skin rashes. Especially when the weather warms up or when you are physically active.

One of the reasons why water does wonders for our skin is because with adequate water intake it will help to maintain a healthy gut and promote good digestion. By helping regulate your bowel movements, it will remove toxins from the body.  When you get enough water and your intestines are healthy, your skin will be problem free!

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