Solawave Review: Superior LED Light Therapy For Skin Health


The Solawave line offers a range of red and blue light therapy devices and skincare products for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and eliminating acne.

What is Solawave?

The Solawave LED light therapy line offers devices and skincare for great benefits like healing and preventing acne breakouts, tightening the skin to smooth wrinkles and lines, boosting cell turnover, and promoting skin radiance.

Favored by celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Sydney Sweeney, these dermatologist supported products are highly effective as well as being compact and portable, for use anywhere, anytime. 

According to esthetician Shamara Bondaroff, “I’ve been specializing in microcurrent for 9 years and Solawave is a great microcurrent tool you can use in the comfort of your own home – with the added benefit of Red Light Therapy working together at the same time. I always have clients asking how they can treat fine lines and puffiness in between appointments – this is it!” (1)

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Solawave Pros

  • The devices can heal acne and prevent breakouts.
  • Solawave results in tighter skin smooth of wrinkles and lines.
  • The products can hydrate the skin and remove dryness.
  • Solawave can reduce redness and inflammation.
  • The products can repair skin damage and protect from environmental agents. 

Solawave Cons

  • The results may vary for different customers.
  • These are popular products which may sometimes be low in stock.
  • The prices may vary slightly from different retailers.

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Highlighted Solawave Products 

1. Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

Turn Back Time For a Youthful Complexion

Key Features: Red light therapy, microcurrent, facial massage, therapeutic warmth, 3 color options

Price: $149

Best For: Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines

What It Does: Tightens skin, fades blemishes, eliminates lines and wrinkles, promotes skin radiance, amplifies the effect of the serum

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2. Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment

Say Goodbye to Spots and Breakouts

Key Features: LED red and blue light therapy, pain free, dermatologist approved

Price: $99

Best For: Acne 

What It Does: Heals acne, prevents breakouts

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3. Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Red Light Therapy Mask 

For Clear Skin Every Day

Key Features: LED red and blue light therapy, controller with rechargeable battery, 2 head straps, protective eyewear

Price: $399

Best For: Acne, Wrinkles

What It Does: Heals and prevents acne, decreases puffiness, tightens, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, boosts radiance, increases the effects of the Solawave serum

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About the Brand

The manufacturer of the Solawave brand is a company called UVVU Inc, located in Los Angeles, California. They produce light therapy devices and skincare, and Solawave is one of their 2 trademark brands.

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How Does It Work?

The Solawave devices use red and blue LED light therapy to promote the health of the skin. The laser light sends photons into the mitochondria of the cells, heightening levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which powers all of the cells in the body.

Red and blue light therapy penetrates the skin somewhat on the surface levels, but have somewhat different effects. The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which tighten the skin, improves elasticity, and smooths wrinkles and fine lines.

Wavelength of Blue and Red Light

Image Caption: Wavelengths of red and blue light therapy

A study by Alexander Wunsch and Karsten Matuschka published in Photomedicine and Laser Therapy showed the efficacy of red light therapy in tightening the complexion and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles (2).

It also increases levels of hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps the complexion. Research shows that blue light is most suitable for killing bacteria, decreasing swelling, and healing acne.

Dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum explains, “Blue light has been shown to penetrate the skin’s hair follicles and pores, which harbor bacteria and can cause inflammation, and therefore acne. Bacteria are very sensitive to the blue light spectrum — it shuts down their metabolism and kills them (3).” 

A review by Michael H Gold, MD, Anneke Andriessen, Julie Biron, and Hinke Andriessen published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found that blue LED light was safe and effective at eliminating acne and breakouts (4).

The Solawave serum and mask contain organic ingredients which amplify the effects of the light therapy, with ingredients that hydrate, reduce dryness, and boost collagen and elastin levels for further smoothing of signs of age.

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What Are the Ingredients in Solawave Serum?

These are some of the primary effective ingredients in the Solawave Serum and mask:

Aloe Vera

The oil from the leaves of the aloe vera plant contain potent bioactive properties which reduce skin inflammation and redness as well as heal wounds. 

It’s also rich in antioxidants which repair damage to the skin barrier, protect from harmful environmental agents like UV rays,  and offer anti-aging benefits. 

A systematic review by Davood Hekmatpou, PhDFatemeh Mehrabi, PhD, and Atefeh Aminiyan, PhD published in the Iranian Journal of Medical Science concluded that the application of aloe vera may heal skin wounds (5).

Sodium Hyaluronate

This is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, which exists naturally in the skin as well as in the connective tissue. It draws large amounts of moisture, hydrating the skin and eliminating dryness. 

The liquid plumps the epidermis, which helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines. A review published in Molecules by Anca Maria Juncan, et al explored the advantages of hyaluronic acid in cosmeceutical products (6).

Avocado Fruit Extract

Avocado is rich in healthy nutrients like Vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium which nourish the skin and are high in antioxidants. 

They protect the skin and repair damage to the skin barrier, decrease inflammation, and reduce signs of age. Avocado is also rich in hydrating oils which keep the skin moisturized and free of dryness, and plump the complexion to smooth lines and wrinkles.

An 8 week pilot study on women conducted by Susanne M. Henning PhD, RDJeraldine B. Guzman BA, et al published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology concluded that regular avocado consumption improved skin firmness and elasticity (7).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Do the Solawave Reviews Say?

A: On the whole, the Solawave review feedback raved about the great advantages of these products for the skin, their portability, and the amazing value for the cost. 

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Q: What is the Return Policy?

A: Solawave is offering a 30-day return policy on all of their products. If you are not happy with your order, get in touch with customer service for return instructions, then send back the items within 30 days of the day of your purchase for a full refund.

Q: Who Should Buy Solawave?

A: Solawave light therapy and skincare products are suitable for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin, eliminate acne, and decrease signs of age like wrinkles and fine lines. Experience the benefits for yourself and Click Here now!

Q: Where to Buy Solawave?

A: The Solawave products are for sale on the official website, and they are also available from several other online and offline retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon. 

The manufacturer offers free shipping for American residents, and they sometimes offer a Solawave discount code. 

The price list is as follows:

  • Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy – $149
  • Solawave Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment – $99
  • Solawave Renew Complex Serum $32
  • Solawave Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Red Light Therapy Mask – $399
  • Solawave Hydrating Sheet Mask – $9

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Q: What Sets It Apart From the Competition?

A: The Solawave line includes a range of highly portable, compact LED light therapy devices which offer power and precision. They also offer skincare products, a Solawave serum and hydrating mask, to enhance the benefits of the light therapy.

More so, the products are highly affordable for the market.


Solawave is a skincare brand which offers a line of red and blue light therapy devices and related products. The high level, compact devices are reasonably priced, and they offer benefits like acne reduction and prevention, skin rejuvenation, and smoothing signs of age like wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. 

The vast majority of the Solawave reviews had very positive feedback about this brand, citing rapid skin health benefits like clearing up breakouts and promoting youthfulness. Many customers said that the Solawave before and after was incredibly impressive, especially for such a reasonable price.

All of the Solawave devices are FDA cleared medical devices which are manufactured according to rigid safety standards. In addition, the skincare serum and mask include 100% organic ingredients with no harmful additives. There are no associated risks or Solawave side effects. If you’re looking for transformative skin benefits, click here to order your Solawave products now!


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