The 5 best ways to improve your conversion rates


For all businesses, the conversion rate is an important metric that defines success. Business owners and marketers are constantly looking for ways to increase conversion rate. Nowadays, customers have got a wide range of choices in the market to choose from. Therefore, it has become more crucial than ever for businesses to offer the best customer experience. 

Personalization is also among the current trends that can help to enhance the customer experience. There are many different actions that you can take to increase website conversion rate. WebMaxy Analyzer is an all-in-one tool that can help you to understand and analyze your customers’ behavior. 

Keep reading the blog to know more about WebMaxy Analyzer and how it can help you to increase conversion rate.

WebMaxy Analyzer: The best user behavior analytics tool 

WebMaxy Analyzer is the best user behavior analytics tool that can help you get a 360-degree view of your customers. You can see and analyze your website visitors’ behavior, patterns, and trends. This in-depth analysis can aid you in understanding your users’ needs, wants, and expectations. 

This tool can help you see your website from the customers’ perspective. You can understand their experience and find opportunities to improve it. Analyzer can also aid you in gathering insights on customers’ website interactions and engagement. This detailed information can help you get to the bottom of users’ behavior. 

You can utilize this visitors’ information to make significant changes to your website and boost conversions. This information can also assist you in creating personalized marketing campaigns. 

Now, let’s look at the ways that can help you to improve conversion rate using WebMaxy Analyzer. 

5 simple ways to increase your conversion rates

Usually, when customers don’t convert there are multifaceted reasons for it. Not always, we can uncover those reasons but there are certain ways we can try to do so.

Watch your website visitors’ journey 

You can use the WebMaxy Analyzer session recordings feature to record and watch your users’ sessions. You can analyze how they interact and engage with your website. Know at which website sections they stop and from which web page they exit. These precise details will aid you in understanding what your website visitors are most interested in. 

You can also identify any website issues or technical glitches users might be facing. For example, you get to know that a link is not working and most of your website visitors are exiting from there. Then, you can fix that broken link and ensure that none of your customers slip from there. 

The session recordings can help you in the website redesigning process. You can track and keep a record of which section maximum users interact with. Then, you can place that section appropriately to ensure that you get the maximum user engagement. 

Watching session recordings can help you see from where the visitors exit your website. For instance, you see that many website visitors checkout but exit from the final payment step. This might mean that people find your shipping charges too much. Then, you can consider offering free shipping or less shipping charges. 

Know where users click on your webpages

Heatmaps are the graphical representation of your users’ clicks and scrolls on your website. You can see where most of your website visitors are clicking on the website. The areas with maximum clicks are indicated with bright colors. 

The click maps can reveal if your website visitors are using the CTAs buttons or not. You can know if the CTA buttons are positioned appropriately where they are visible to the users. This information can help you what elements people are engaging with on your website.

The scroll maps can help you know till where the users scroll down on your web pages. You can know the attention span of your website visitors. It can help you decide where to put the crucial information so that most of the users read it. 

With heatmaps, you can also know if people are clicking on some perplexing and unclickable design elements. These insights can help you to enhance your website visitors’ experience.

Ask questions to your customers directly 

Most of the marketers rely on guesswork and assumptions for knowing their customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. However, through this, they can’t expect miraculous results. WebMaxy Analyzer can help you to get direct and accurate customer feedback through surveys and feedback. 

You can conduct surveys and ask questions to your customers directly regarding their experience. It can help you know how much of their expectations are you able to meet through your offerings. You can also ask them to provide you with suggestions if any. This will aid you in making improvements that lead to customer satisfaction. 

By taking customers’ feedback, you can make them believe that their opinions and viewpoints matter to you. With WebMaxy, you get access to many ready-to-launch survey templates. These templates have well-researched questions with options. You can customize these templates to suit your specific needs and launch them directly. 

Consider asking different questions in your surveys that help you know your customer expectations and satisfaction levels. Some of the good questions that you can ask in surveys are as follows:

  • Are you satisfied with our products or services? 
  • How would you rate your experience with us? 
  • Would you like to give us some suggestions?
  • How likely are you to recommend our brand to your friends or family? 

Conduct A/B testing to know the users’ response 

With WebMaxy Analyzer, you can execute A/B testing for your website to know your users’ responses. Creating a user-centric website requires a lot of research and effort. However, it can help you to drive better customer engagement and conversions. 

You can set up session replays and heatmaps before and after the website changes. This will help you know the impact of the changes that you made to the website. You can see if the customer response has increased or reduced. 

Analyze the customer data and implement changes 

From WebMaxy Analyzer you can collect quantitative and qualitative customer data. This user behavior data can help you to make conversion efforts in the right direction. You can know where your product or service is lacking in terms of satisfying customers. Then, you can make refinements and upgrades accordingly. 

By analyzing the customer data, you can know the stages of the conversion funnel where the maximum number of users drop. You can then find ways to fill in the gaps in those stages and reduce the drop-off rate. This can help you to enhance the customer journey flows and increase conversions.

The customer data can also reveal the features and benefits of your products or service that most of the customers like. These insights can help you in improving your messaging. Then, you can highlight those features and attributes in your paid marketing channels and bring new customers to your business. 

Wrapping It Up 

The best way to increase conversion rates is by improving your customer experience. By enhancing your offerings you can stand out from your competitors to your customers. Most of the businesses are hitting the arrows in the dark by not knowing what customers really want. Therefore, it’s important that you understand your customers’ needs and wants. 

WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytics software that can help you to comprehend your customers’ behavioral patterns. You can watch your website visitors’ activity and interactions through session recordings and heatmaps. The surveys and feedback feature can help you get customers’ feedback and suggestions. 

Many other features are there in WebMaxy Analyzer like funnel view, form analytics, user insights, polls, push notifications, block IP, and advanced integrations. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more about WebMaxy Analyzer, or email us at [email protected]

Other WebMaxy Tools 

WebMaxy company has recently launched two other products that can help you enhance your customer experience. 

SurveyBunny: This is a survey software that can help you to launch surveys within a few mins. You get more than 200+ survey templates for different types of surveys like customer satisfaction surveys, evaluation surveys, feedback surveys, market research surveys, and so on. You can customize the questions and options of these surveys as per your requirement. You can also send these surveys in emails to your customers. Also, you can analyze the survey responses in graphical representation which makes it more convenient and easy to understand. 

eGrowth: This is an eCommerce customer management platform that can help you to improve your marketing performance. You can evaluate the revenue contribution of your different organic and paid marketing channels. It can help you to organize your comprehensive marketing data in one place. You can analyze customer data & interactions and make data-driven decisions. 

Manage your social media marketing campaigns and automate your email campaigns. Create loyalty programs to increase the customer retention rate. Segment your target audience and create personalized marketing campaigns. Automate customer journey workflows to enhance your customer experience. You can do it all with WebMaxy eGrowth, to know more connect with us now at [email protected]

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