Understanding Allergies: Coping with Symptoms and Finding Relief


The allergy season is here. Don’t get us wrong, though; we’re not cheering. We’re preparing for the worst. The allergy season is the hardest time for people suffering from allergies since they’re always on the verge of having an allergy attack or, at the very least, always in danger of having an onslaught of allergies whenever they go outside.

Luckily for us, there are a lot of things that we can do to cope with our allergies during the allergy season. It’s going to be hell for sure, but it honestly doesn’t have to be. That said, here are some tips and tricks on how to cope with allergies.

Identify if It’s an Allergy

Nowadays, the weather can be unpredictable. One moment, it’s very hot, and then the next, it’s like winter is coming. With that in mind, when the temperature constantly fluctuates, it can be hard to identify whether you’re having an allergy attack, a cold, or a viral infection. That said, if your congestion lasts more than two weeks and it gets worse after being exposed to one of your triggers, then it’s a good chance that you will have a severe allergy attack.

However, instead of just eyeballing it yourself, talk to your doctor. They’re better at diagnosing stuff anyway, and they can even prescribe you cheap medication if you’re struggling. They can even give you opportunities to save, like a Singulair Coupon.

Use Over-the-Counter Medication

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you may already know what medications to take for an allergy attack. That said, the moment you feel like you’re about to sneeze for an unknown reason, the first thing that you should do is to prepare and buy yourself OTC decongestants and antihistamines. However, you should talk to your doctor if you don’t know what meds to buy or which brand is effective enough. No need to do some guesswork here, you know.

Give Saltwater a Chance

Not everybody likes to take decongestants and antihistamines because they make them tired. Of course, no one likes to spend the rest of their day feeling low energy and sleepy. If you think a day at your job is worse, try spending it feeling drowsy. Not only will you not get any work done, but you might also get caught sleeping on the job.

So what should you do? Simple, salt water and a saline rinse. Yes, it’s uncomfortable since it makes you feel like drowning, but it’s mostly effective. You can either do this with a neti pot or a nasal spray. You can clear your nostrils of any pollen or allergic substance using any tools. You can even gargle some saltwater afterward if you have a sore throat.

Remove All of Your Clothes and Shoes the Moment You Get Home

During the allergy season, pollen is abundant outside. Some will even stick to your shoes and clothes, making you more vulnerable outside. However, some of these pollen will stick around long enough to get dragged inside your home, and now, you’re also vulnerable to an allergy attack inside your home.

That said, remove your shoes outside the door, instantly change your clothes, and put your work clothes in the washer the moment you step inside your home. Not only that, but to ensure you’re free from these evil pollens, you can also shower. You never know; maybe some of them are sticking in your hair close to your nose and mouth.

Shut Out Breezes

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It’s always sunny, there’s a low chance of rain, and the flowers bloom. Wait, blooming? Now that’s a bad sign for you. Spring itself is an enemy for people with allergies since pollen is everywhere, and it could be dangerous since some of them can get inside your home.

Luckily, simply closing your doors and windows will keep you safe. Not only that, but you can even install a HEPA filter on your air-conditioner to ensure that the air you’re breathing is not about to give you hell in the form of allergies.

Wear a Mask

COVID might be over, but the allergy season is just starting. If you hate wearing masks, then you might be in trouble. Since it’s allergy season, pollen is around. You won’t even know that the air you’re breathing is full of pollen. Well, you’ll eventually know because, in the next five minutes, you’ll be sneezing like crazy. Wear a mask, everyone. The virus might be gone, but pollen is here to stay.

Final Words

It’s now the time of the year when we board our windows and door due to the fear of allergy attacks. Luckily for us, there are many things that we can do to decrease our chances of getting one. If you don’t want to sneeze until early September, you might want to follow the tips we just gave you.

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