County OKs motion to help Cali Lakes residents  

Stewart Silver, owner of Cali Lake RV Resort in Agua Dulce, describes the area containing the motorhomes in question that would have to vacate the RV park on Thursday, Sept. 22. Dan Watson/The Signal

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors passed a motion authored by L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger seeking to help the residents of Cali Lake RV Park relocate. 

Stewart Silver, the owner of the park east of Canyon County and south of Agua Dulce, said he was expressing concern Monday on behalf of his residents after receiving a notice he could no longer collect rent if he failed to comply with the terms of his occupancy permit. 

Silver has asked for more time, which the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development has said it would be amenable to, providing that Silver made a “good-faith effort” to meet his permitted requirement. 

His office manager, Michele Savino, said Monday that Cali Lake staff was trying to do just that, moving about 10 residents out per month as L.A. Homeless Services Authority staff circulated the park and shared information about resources with tenants. 

Savino said Monday the work necessary to remove the hookups for each spot, as well as helping people find a place, wasn’t really feasible in the timeframe the park was given. 

She said 11 of the residents were able to voluntarily leave and find other places when a notice was circulated among residents of the relatively tight-knit park. 

The population of Cali Lake, due to its relatively low cost and the lack of a 10-year rule — a common park regulation that prohibits vehicles more than 10 years old in order to improve aesthetics and safety — is primarily made up of residents facing various hardships. 

The motion by Barger, who represents the 5th District, which includes the SCV, is aimed at identifying how many residents are left over the allowable number, what resources are available to them in terms of other places and for general services, and an overview of tenant protections available. 

HCD officials reiterated Monday they have no authority to evict any residents who are found in violation after the agency makes its June 19 inspection. 

The agency sent a May 17 letter to Silver threatening fines and a suspension of his license to operate if he’s found in violation of his capacity, which is 47 tenants. 

Previously Silver contended the HCD had authorized him to have as many as 103 tenants in accordance with a permit. HCD officials said Monday the permit was conditional upon approvals from L.A. County that were never granted. 

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