A decade of hope and remembrance: Family marks 10 years since 19-year-old’s mysterious disappearance 

Bryce age progressed from 19 to 29-years-old. Photo courtesy of NCMEC.
Bryce age progressed from 19 to 29-years-old. Photo courtesy of NCMEC.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023, marks 10 years since the disappearance of 19-year-old Bryce Laspisa, a sophomore at Sierra College, who vanished without a trace during a trip to visit his family.  

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has released a new age-progressed image of what he would look like today at the age of 29. The image was created by a forensic artist at NCMEC.  

As the Laspisa family reflects on a decade of heartache and uncertainty, they continue to hold on to hope and cherished memories of their beloved son. 

On Aug. 30, 2013, Laspisa embarked on a journey from Sierra College to his family’s home in Orange County, a distance of 400 miles. During his late-night drive, he contacted his mother at 2 a.m., expressing his exhaustion and intention to pull over and rest.  

Laspisa’s car was discovered abandoned hours later in a ravine near Castaic Lake. His belongings remained within the vehicle, but Laspisa was nowhere to be found. 

Karen Laspisa, Bryce’s mother, recently spoke with the NCMEC to share her enduring optimism that her son will one day be found: “The past 10 years have been a devastating journey for our family,” Karen said, “but we’ve maintained an unyielding hope that Bryce will come back to us. Our love for him and the special bond we share keep his memory alive.” 

The Laspisa family has continued to honor Bryce’s memory as the years have gone by, sharing stories and cherished moments. They say their strength comes from leaning on one another during this heartbreaking time. 

“Every day a loved one goes missing,” Karen said, “and it is unimaginable to know the pain of this type of loss, unless it happens to you.” 

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