Path of Exile Update 3.22: “Trial of Ancestors” – What to Expect


Path of Exile continues to cement its position as one of the leading online action RPGs with its latest update, 3.22, named “Trial of Ancestors”. Understanding the ins and outs of PoE currency and immersing yourself in the intricacies of PoE trade will be absolutely crucial with this latest update. As players venture into uncharted territories and go head-to-head with formidable adversaries, having a solid grasp on the game’s economy can truly be a game-changer. 

Release Date and Anticipation for “Trial of Ancestors 

The gaming community is buzzing about the “Trial of Ancestors” update for Path of Exile, and it’s easy to see why. Scheduled to be unveiled on August 18, 2023, this update is positioned to significantly reshape the gaming landscape of the title, and here’s why: 

1. A History of Successful Updates: 

Path of Exile has a storied past when it comes to successful expansions. Recent releases prior to 3.22, such as the “Echoes of the Atlas” and “Heist,” had been met with praise from both critics and the player base. Previous expansions did more than just enrich the game; they beautifully balanced challenge with reward. The legacy of such successful updates naturally adds to the anticipation for the “Trial of Ancestors.” 

2. Player-Centric Development: 

Grinding Gear Games, the studio behind Path of Exile, has been known to listen closely to their community. Their engagement on forums, the integration of player feedback into patches, and periodic Q&A sessions have built trust. A lot of folks in the community feel that “Trial of Ancestors” is another testament to the developer’s commitment to its players, setting the bar even higher. 

3. Teasers and Reveals: 

Leading up to the release date, the game developers have strategically released teasers, artwork, and behind-the-scenes looks into the making of “Trial of Ancestors.” These glimpses have shown an expansive new world, novel mechanics, and tantalizing lore hints, all of which serve to heighten player anticipation. 

4. Expanding Player Base: 

Path of Exile’s active user count has grown significantly over the years, with a notable surge in the last two. New players joining now are looking forward to their first major update experience, while veterans are eager to see how the new content will change the meta and game dynamics. 

5. Importance for In-Game Economy: 

Each Path of Exile update brings with it shifts in the in-game economy, influencing currency values, item demands, and PoE trade dynamics. Given the magnitude of the “Trial of Ancestors,” many players are prepping their stashes and strategizing their trades in anticipation of the economic fluctuations post-release. 

The “Trial of Ancestors” update isn’t your run-of-the-mill addition to this expansive game; it’s a testament to how far the game has come and a testament to Grinding Gear Games’ unwavering commitment to their devoted fans and the captivating world they’ve meticulously built. Whether you’re a veteran Exile or just setting foot in Wraeclast, the “Trial of Ancestors” is poised to offer something new, challenging, and engaging for everyone. 

New Skills and Mechanics 

  1. Skill A: This new skill introduces a unique mechanic that challenges players to strategize and adapt to changing battle scenarios. 
  1. Skill B: Providing players with a newfound power, this skill is sure to change the dynamics of PvP encounters. 
  1. Skill C: A game-changer for many, this skill offers a perfect blend of offense and defense. 

Enhancements to Trade 

With the “Trial of Ancestors”, the trade system also receives notable enhancements. makes both navigation and trading a breeze. 

Innovative Features and Zones 

In this update, you’ll find a bunch of new zones, each filled with their own unique challenges, rewards, and hidden surprises just waiting to be uncovered. Players will not only be tested on their combat skills but also on their understanding and utilization of the PoE currency system. 

Final Thoughts 

The “Trial of Ancestors” update really shows how committed Path of Exile is to keeping things fresh and exciting in the game. As players dive headfirst into all the fresh content, getting the hang of currency and PoE trade will be key to raking in those rewards and tackling the new challenges. With this latest chapter unfolding, it’s clear as day – Path of Exile still holds its ground as a titan in the online RPG realm.

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