‘We really want to people to have hope’ — Valencia Hills Community Church opens 4 care groups 

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Valencia Hills Community Church is scheduled to open its doors at the end of August and provide a space to create hope for those who may feel hopeless.  

“A high percentage of the people that come to our groups don’t even go to our church,” said Dan Broyles, pastor of Care and Strategic Planning at Valencia Hills Community Church. “They’re really just people in the community who need help and are not sure where to turn, so we’re just glad to be able to do that and help people in their struggles.” 

Valencia Hills Community Church’s CARE Ministry is aimed to provide spiritual, relational and emotional support to those who attend the care groups. They emphasize that these care groups are not professional therapy.  

“We really want people to have hope, even in the midst of the pain, that’s still really strong,” said Broyles.  

Broyles said that there are going to be four new care groups/classes added to the CARE Ministry beginning Aug. 27: Wounded Hearts, Grief Share, Divorce Care and Mending the Soul.  

“It really feels like a privilege because we get to step into people’s pain,” said Broyles. “When people are talking about grief, divorce, sexual abuse, like all those delicate areas that are so private, it really feels like a privilege to step in and join someone in their pain with them.”  

Wounded Hearts is an exclusive care group to women who are working through the harms of childhood sexual abuse.  

Grief Share is for those struggling with grief, Divorce Care is for those experiencing divorce and Mending the Soul is for those experiencing or overcoming domestic violence.  

For more information, see below: 

Wounded Hearts  

  • Aug. 27-Nov. 12, every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom.  
  • Exclusive care group to women.  
  • Registration closes Sept. 3.  
  • Free to those who register at tinyurl.com/yc8yx4hf.  

Grief Share  

  • Aug. 29-Nov. 21, every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Valencia Hills Community Church.  

Divorce Care 

  • Aug. 30-Dec. 6, every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Valencia Hills Community Church. 
  • The cost of registration is $20, which includes the workbook. Those interested can register at tinyurl.com/5n8vhcp9

Mending the Soul  

  • To begin toward the end of August (dates are not publicly available due to safety reasons). Contact the Valencia Hills Community Church at 661-755-1885 for the dates.  
  • Security will be present.  
  • Free to those who register at tinyurl.com/272ey7jj.  

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