84 Hart district students receive College Board National Recognition

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News release 

The College Board National Recognition Programs awarded academic honors to 84 students in the William S. Hart Union High School District.  

These programs are designed to showcase the hard work and strong academic performance of underrepresented students and to connect them with colleges and scholarship opportunities, according to a news release from the Hart district. 

The criteria for eligible students include: 

  • Grade-point average of 3.5 or higher. 
  • PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 assessment scores that are within the top 10% of assessment takers in each state for each award program, or a score of 3 or higher on 2 or more advanced placement exams in ninth and 10th grade. 
  • Attend school in a rural area or small town, or identify as African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latino, or Indigenous/Native. 

The students honored in the Hart district included the following. (Award Key: National African American Recognition Award = NAARA; National Hispanic Recognition Award = NHRA; National Rural and Small Town Award = NRSTA; National Indigenous Award = NIA.) 

Academy of the Canyons 

  • Bianca Marie Gonzales: NHRA. 
  • Jesus Sandoval: NHRA. 
  • Jourdan Brown: NAARA, NHRA. 

Canyon High School 

  • Giselle Corral: NHRA. 
  • Anthony Santos: NHRA. 
  • Vaughan Osahon: NAARA. 
  • Rhys Osahon: NAARA. 

Castaic High School 

  • Alyssa Siglar: NRSTA. 
  • Aubrey Hubbard: NRSTA. 
  • Danielle Estagle: NRSTA. 
  • Fernanda Matias: NHRA, NRSTA. 
  • Giovanni Foster: NAARA. 
  • Isabel Vasquez: NHRA, NRSTA. 
  • Jeanelle Estrella: NRSTA. 
  • Katie Lien: NRSTA. 
  • Maya Guiza: NHRA. 
  • Pierce Evans: NRSTA. 
  • Quinn Broadwater: NRSTA. 
  • Terra Mesa: NRSTA. 
  • Velan Timiri: NRSTA. 
  • Yra Climaco: NRSTA. 

Golden Valley High School 

  • Christian Rodriguez: NHRA. 
  • Emanuel Balam Hernandez: NHRA. 
  • Erik Diaz Vallejo: NHRA. 
  • Joshua Clarke: NAARA. 
  • Olufolajimi Olotu: NAARA. 
  • Oluwadara Falodun: NAARA. 

Hart High School 

  • Allen Alvarez: NHRA. 
  • Andre Galoostian: NHRA. 
  • Anna Philipous: NHRA. 
  • Bailey Butler: NHRA. 
  • Elena Wynn: NHRA. 
  • Isa Magee: NAARA. 
  • Jacqueline Gabriel: NHRA. 
  • Michaela Okuyama: NHRA. 
  • Nicolette Stockton: NAARA. 
  • Nikolas Marquez Barrett: NHRA, NIA. 
  • Rylie Villar: NHRA. 
  • Sophia Parra: NHRA. 

Saugus High School 

  • Aaliyah Clark: NAARA. 
  • Dominic Lewis: NAARA, NHRA. 
  • Jacob Mendez: NHRA. 
  • Jacob Rodriguez: NHRA. 
  • Laura Carrillo: NAARA, NHRA. 
  • Lillian Meier-Nava: NHRA. 
  • Mia Fierros: NHRA. 
  • Michael Grundeen: NHRA. 
  • Omar Salman: NAARA. 
  • Rebecca Diaz: NHRA. 
  • Samuel Perez: NAARA. 
  • Samantha Allen: NHRA, NIA. 
  • Sebastian Garcia: NHRA. 
  • Yeilany Sosa: NHRA. 

Valencia High School 

  • Abby Garcia: NHRA. 
  • Anthony Gasior: NHRA. 
  • Ava Francis: NAARA. 
  • Daniel Huiza: NHRA. 
  • Eric Sanders: NHRA. 
  • Gian Martinez: NHRA. 
  • Mariano Alberto: NHRA. 
  • Paulyne Gandaria: NHRA. 
  • Sivan Garteiz: NHRA. 
  • Sophia Venable: NAARA, NHRA. 
  • Sophia Ordonez: NHRA. 

West Ranch High School 

  • Alyssa Gilabert: NHRA. 
  • Aniyah Graham: NAARA. 
  • Ashley Owens-Burrell: NAARA. 
  • Ava Siano: NHRA. 
  • Brody Glass: NHRA, NIA. 
  • Colson Lloyd: NIA. 
  • David Farag: NAARA. 
  • Esi Otoo: NAARA. 
  • Isabella Mendoza: NHRA. 
  • Jayden Correa: NHRA. 
  • Jessica O’Brien: NHRA. 
  • Kennedy Garner: NAARA. 
  • Paola Aviles: NHRA. 
  • Sabella Habtemariam: NAARA. 
  • Sarah Weiss: NHRA. 
  • Titus Garate: NHRA. 
  • Tyler Balandran: NHRA. 

The number of student names differs from the number of awardees due to media/web/exclusion requests. 

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