Congressional candidates announce fundraising totals 

The historic state capitol building in Sacramento is nearly 150 years old. Free tours are available of this living museum. Photo Visit California.
The state's capitol building in Sacramento.

The two leading fundraisers for the 27th Congressional District race, the incumbent Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, and Democratic challenger George Whitesides, reported their totals as of Sept. 30.  

Garcia had the higher total for his third-quarter fundraising figure in the 2023-24 election cycle and a slight edge in the year-to-date total raised as of the quarterly reporting deadline, based on the figures reported by each campaign. 

Garcia reported raising $763,571 over the previous quarter, with Whitesides reporting $709,448.24 during the same time period.  

“I can’t thank our supporters enough for making this another successful quarter,” Garcia wrote in an email statement sent through his campaign. “I’ve been working tirelessly to confront head-on the challenges we face as a nation. Whether it’s emboldened foreign adversaries, record-high inflation, or a crisis at our southern border, it’s clear that we need common-sense solutions and policies today more than ever before — not more political gamesmanship.” 

Garcia reported having $2,468,969 raised so far for the current election cycle, while Whitesides reported having $2,231,537. Whitesides reported having a slightly higher cash-on-hand total as of the Federal Election Commission’s last deadline, leading $1,735,211 to $1,553,090 for Garcia.  

“I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who is supporting our campaign,” Whitesides wrote in an email statement released through his campaign. “This summer’s fundraising and endorsements show just how eager folks are to win this seat and take back the U.S. House. From his vote to cut wildfire prevention funding by $2.4 billion, to cosponsoring the national abortion ban, it couldn’t be more clear just how out of touch Congressman Mike Garcia is with this district. It’s time for a change.” 

A third candidate, Franky Carrillo, a member of the Democratic Party, who was exonerated after being convicted of murder, has raised $34,035 so far. 

Based on the numbers from the FEC as of Friday, more than $521 million has been raised for the election so far just for 2024 House candidates. Republican candidates overall have raised about $275 million while Democrats have raised about $245 million. Just over $2 million has been raised by third-party candidates. 

The five leaders in the House for all fundraising figures are: 1. Kevin Mccarthy (R-Calif., $14,004,196); 2. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y., $7,885,137); 3. Adam Frisch (D-Colo., $7,769,641); 4. Steve Scalise (R-La., $6,476,619); and 5. Rohit Khanna (D-Calif., $5,094,337). 

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