Garcia calls for Biden to decouple Israel and Ukraine aid

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Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, and seven of his colleagues have sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to decouple supplemental funding for Israel from a larger package that includes additional funds for Ukraine.  

In the letter, the members express concern over potentially delaying critical funding for Israel – America’s greatest ally – in the name of Biden’s blank-check strategy in Ukraine that continues to feed the ongoing stalemate, according to a news release from Garcia’s office. 

“The unique conditions present in Ukraine and in Israel are such that support for each should be considered separately and on their own merits,” the letter said. “Israel and the United States have been allies for nearly 75 years … Furthermore, the situation in Israel is dynamic and threatens to pull the entire region into disarray, whereas the fronts in Ukraine have remained largely stagnant for some months. Truthfully, the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel are only comparable in that both may have been avoided if your administration had adopted a policy of deterrence early against Russia and Iran, instead of appeasing our enemies …” 

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