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Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, released a report to address the Ukraine funding debate, outlining the congressman’s position that the U.S. has an urgent need for a path to victory, transparency, accountability and sustainable peace. 

The 12-page report was signed in concurrence by Republican Reps. Dan Crenshaw, of Texas, Brad Wenstrup, of Ohio, Jen Kiggans, of Virginia, Jack Bergman, of Michigan, and August Pfluger, of Texas. 

In an interview televised on Fox Business, Garcia described the report and some of the questions it seeks to address. 

“Where is this Ukraine money going? What is the win strategy? What’s the exit strategy? What’s the status of the sanctions that we imposed so far? Why haven’t we taken the sanctions to the full extent that we need to? [The White House] owes these answers to Congress,” Garcia said in the interview. 

“Any overseas contingency that has a budget footprint now exceeding $100 billion to date and a request of $61 billion on the table requires that the American taxpayers have buy-in and their representatives need to know what’s going on,” he added. “There’s nothing that indicates that this [Ukraine funding] is going to pay for a victory and not just continue to make Ukraine dependent on American taxpayers for a stalemate or effectively a tie … We need to hit pause [and] decouple this Ukraine conversation from the Israeli conversation, which we can all get behind.” 

Garcia added: “I know for a fact that critical U.S. defense programs have been put on the backburners as a result of this pull ahead for Ukraine programs … We need to make sure that we are prioritizing our security first. We still have not only Israel, but also Taiwan who’s sitting under the shadow of the dragon the (Chinese Communist Party) and we’ve got to make sure that we can service all of these, especially our own nation’s security.” 

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