Jinko Solar: Pioneering the Global Transition To Renewable Energy 


With the U.N.’s shocking new 2030 projections predicting a 110% rise in fossil fuel production above the allowances outlined in the Paris Agreement, the planet is in desperate need of a renewable energy revolution if we hope to prevent 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming above preindustrial levels. As the Earth’s most abundant and cleanest form of energy, solar power presents a profound solution to fossil fuel dependency, yet it accounts for less than 5% of worldwide generated energy. 

Jinko Solar, a world leader in the supply and manufacturing of solar modules, is one company diligently working to increase access to solar panels. With factories throughout the United States, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam, Jinko Solar is in a unique position to spearhead the global transition to renewable energy and is already the first company to deploy 165 gigawatts of solar modules worldwide. 

Jinko Solar: The Solar Industry’s Zenith 

Founded in 2006, Jinko Solar has swiftly become one of the best-selling and most trusted solar suppliers in the world, serving over 160 countries and powering the equivalent of approximately 3,100,000 households in the United States and Canada alone.  

With the vision of providing a one-stop solution for clean energy, Jinko Solar is consistently raising the bar for solar module production. The company’s n-type solar cell — expected to account for about 60% of total module shipments by the end of 2023 — set a world record for solar cell efficiency in 2022, running at 26.1%.  

These n-type cells are particularly beneficial compared to the industrywide standard p-type cell as (unlike p-type cells) n-type cells aren’t as impacted by light degradation due to containing phosphorus instead of boron. Jinko Solar’s continuous industry advancements have led the company to be recognized by PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard for nine consecutive years. 

PVEL provides independent testing and inspections of solar modules to foster consistency and reliability throughout the solar industry. Jinko Solar represents one of only two global manufacturers to be recognized as a Top Performer in every issue of PV Evolution Labs’ PV Module Reliability Scorecard since its inception. 

“We’re incredibly proud that our flagship n-type module has demonstrated outstanding reliability and performance from a leading test lab,” said Nigel Cockroft, Jinko Solar U.S. general manager, in a press release regarding PVEL’s 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard. “This outcome is a direct result of our strong commitment to [research and development]. We remain fully committed to providing the industry and our customers with high-quality, dependable products.” 

In addition to setting new standards for solar module efficiency, Jinko Solar is jump-starting the solar power revolution with its recent exponential growth in sales, which is expected to catapult the company into the No. 1 solar module supplier by volume by year’s end.  

In the first quarter of 2023 alone, Jinko Solar shipped 13.04 gigawatts of solar modules, representing a 72.7% increase in global sales compared to the same period in 2022. Nearly half of these sales are attributed to n-type models, illustrating the value that ever-improving efficiency brings to a global market. 

“Our ranking isn’t a surprise,” said Vice President Dany Qian in a press release. “Despite fierce competition and aggressive newcomers, the brand still drives and leads technical advancement and tops the n-type TOPCon premium market. A lot of that strength comes from the Tiger Neo series, which now accounts for 50% of our total sales for the first time in Q1.”  

While Jinko Solar just reached the milestone of deploying over 165 gigawatts of cumulative modules earlier this year, the company anticipates deploying as many as 100 gigawatts of modules in 2024 alone. Luckily, the company’s investments in renewable resources and improved efficiency for its factories have allowed for an eased production process. 

RE100 Pledge 

Despite the innumerable social, economic, and environmental benefits provided by solar panels, producing them isn’t always an environmentally friendly process and can result in waste and pollution.  

As the top supplier and producer of solar panels, Jinko Solar recognizes the importance of leading with environmental stewardship, and in 2019 became the first solar manufacturer to sign the RE100 pledge, vowing to transition to 100% renewable-powered production by 2025     . 

To achieve its goal, Jinko Solar has made continuous improvements to its factories, including the in-house installation of solar panels on factory roofs and externally procuring renewable power from local power grids.  

As of 2023, three of Jinko Solar’s factories, such as one in Penang, Malaysia which serves the U.S. market, have been awarded an RE100 certification for the 100% use of renewable energy for production and operations. 

“With our corporate mission to ‘optimize the energy portfolio and take responsibility for enabling a sustainable future,’ Jinko Solar continues to contribute to the adoption of renewable energy and promote sustainable development. As a company, we are ready to flourish in a world where opportunities and challenges coexist,” said Qian regarding the feat. 

Renewable Advocacy 

As a means of enabling a sustainable future, Jinko Solar is a staunch advocate for renewable energy and a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency Coalition for Action.  

The IRENA Coalition for Action is a network of over 130 leading renewable energy stakeholders that enables an open dialogue on industry trends, best practices, and means to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy. 

As a member of the IRENA Coalition, Jinko Solar can share its industry-leading expertise and collaborate on innovative global initiatives.  

“We are very proud to become a member of the IRENA Coalition. We expect that joining the IRENA Coalition for Action will contribute to enhancing Jinko Solar’s industry reputation, fostering business growth, and establishing strong partnerships with leading institutions and professionals in global renewable energy development. We believe this will unlock broader opportunities for our development and make a positive contribution to the sustainable advancement of renewable energy globally,” said Qian in a company press release. 

With greenhouse gas emissions continuing to reach new heights, leaders like Jinko Solar are proving invaluable in easing the transition to renewable energy. While we have quite a way to go in preventing 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming above preindustrial levels, Jinko Solar has been going above and beyond in its commitment to a clean energy future.  

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