Houses for sale in Alicante: stylish and comfortable 


The province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca today is popular among tourists and those wishing to purchase property from many countries around the world. Spanish citizens living in large cities and provinces located in the center of the country also seek to purchase houses for sale, Alicante, for a vacation on the seaside. The combination of a wonderful climate, magnificent nature, developed infrastructure and reasonable prices will not leave anyone indifferent. 

The center of the province, the city of Alicante, today is a large metropolis with a population of about 330,000 people, developed infrastructure and excellent conditions for recreation and permanent residence. The city’s more than 2,000-year history is associated with the functioning of a trading port, and now Alicante has developed the production of olive oil and wine, citrus fruits and other vegetables and fruits. Tourism and the hotel business are developing rapidly, and the beaches are being improved. 

Most of the city’s residents work in the service sector. Alicante has many educational institutions, including a university, and a developed healthcare system. The transport system is represented by a large international airport and seaport, a network of highways and railways. 

Houses for sale, Alicante, are often purchased for subsequent rental, because not all vacationers plan to buy a vacation home. Many traditionally rent apartments for the season, and property owners receive a stable income. 

Selecting a house for sale in Alicante 

The local real estate market presents many options for houses that differ in their characteristics. One of the main ones is proximity to the sea coast; the price of the house mainly depends on this. Other criteria for choosing houses in Alicante, are: 

  • year of construction; 
  • area of the house and land; 
  • quality of construction; 
  • number of bedrooms and bathrooms; 
  • availability of different locations; 
  • panoramic views, etc. 

House prices in the city vary significantly depending on the characteristics of the housing. But in general, it can be stated that among the centers of the Spanish provinces, Alicante ranks fourth in affordability, considering the fact that the city is located by the sea. The price per square meter of real estate here is cheaper than in Valencia, Malaga, and Tarragona. An analysis of house prices in different areas of Alicante shows that the cheapest areas are Alto Vinalopo, Bajo Vinalopo, Comtat, and the most expensive are Marina Alta, Marina Baja, Alicante. 

If you lack your own funds, you can take out a mortgage loan from a Spanish bank, which is issued for a period of 20-40 years at 1.5-2.5%, depending on whether the borrower is a resident or non-resident of Spain. A mortgage loan can cover from 50% to 80% of the price of the property. 

The most popular types of houses for sale, Alicante, are townhouses, bungalows and villas. 

A townhouse is a complex of two or three-story houses, each of which is intended for one family. The house is quite isolated and shares one common wall and roof with the neighboring house. Each family living in a townhouse has a garage or parking lot, as well as a small plot of land. The complex is made in the same architectural style and on its territory there are often common areas, such as a swimming pool, green areas, sports and children’s playgrounds. 

A bungalow is usually a one-story house intended for one family. It has a spacious living room, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and utility rooms. Near the house there is a garden and other things. In such a house, peace and privacy are guaranteed, since the bungalows are located in residential areas of the city, away from the bustle of the city and the noisy coast. 

The characteristic features of the villa are its large area compared to other types of houses, as well as the area of the territory on which it is located. On the land plot there is a swimming pool, garden and other amenities. The old villas are built in traditional Spanish style, while the new villas are built mainly in the Art Nouveau style. During construction, high-quality modern materials and technologies are used. The design of expensive villas is absolutely individual; the projects follow all modern requirements for comfort and brevity of construction. 

Houses for sale, Alicante, have balconies and terraces that offer beautiful panoramic views of the sea, green spaces and the city. When choosing a house, be sure to pay attention to where the windows face. After all, the beauty that opens before you can become a decisive factor in your purchase. 

To buy a house in Alicante, as in any other place in Spain, you need to complete a number of procedures: 

  • select a suitable property; 
  • open an account in a Spanish bank; 
  • pay the deposit amount and reserve the property you would like to purchase, check it for due diligence; 
  • sign a purchase and sale agreement; 
  • accept the right ownership of new housing. 

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