Rain expected this weekend 

Santa Clarita saw rain in the early hours of Wednesday, Jan. 3. Habeba Mostafa/ The Signal
Santa Clarita saw rain in the early hours of Wednesday, Jan. 3. Habeba Mostafa/ The Signal

Heavy rains are expected this weekend for the Santa Clarita Valley, according to the National Weather Service.  

According to Carol Smith, meteorologist with NWS, rain is expected throughout the entire weekend, but heavier rainfall will be more “visible” on Saturday and Monday.  

Monday afternoon will have the heaviest rainfall, but no thunderstorm warning has been issued as of Friday afternoon.  

Altogether, “for the whole period (Friday night) to Monday night, for the coast and valleys, we’re saying most likely it’s going to be 1 to 3 inches,” said Smith.  

Smith also advised that commuters be more mindful when driving as the series of storms moves through the area. Rain may cause difficulty in visibility and more water ponding will be seen on the roadways.  

Southern California Edison Media Relations Senior Advisor Reggie Kumar shared “winter storm tips” through an email to The Signal, to help prepare the community for inclement weather. 

Some of the tips are as follows:  

Watch for Downed Wires — Severe weather can cause power lines to fall. They can electrify puddles, wet grass and the surrounding area. Never approach a downed wire or anyone or anything in contact with it. Stay away and call 911 immediately. 

Prepare Your Home — Clear your gutters and outdoor drains. Keeping your gutters clear can help eliminate the risk of water damage from having clogged gutters. If water flow is not possible, it can accumulate water in areas of your roof, basement, cause rusting and lead to an increased risk of decay, moisture and leaks. 

Emergency Apps — Make sure you and your phone are prepared for an emergency or an outage. Check out the emergency apps from the American Red Cross to help you be prepared for an emergency or major disaster, such as floods or earthquakes. 

Inspect Your Car — Make sure your windshield wipers are working and check your tire tread. An easy way to test your tire tread is by doing a simple penny test: Insert a penny into the tread on the tire, with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing down. If the tread obscures part of the head, your tread wear is OK. If the head is entirely visible, it’s time for new tires.  

For more information and the full winter storm tips go to: energized.edison.com/stories/safety-tips-on-how-to-prepare-for-storms. 

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