SCV detectives track down felon who missed court dates 

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The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station. Courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita.

Detectives with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station tracked down a convicted felon accused of weapons charges after he missed a pair of bail hearings, according to court records. 

The 22-year-old Agua Dulce man is now being held without bail and facing a hearing Friday on two charges as the result of detectives’ use of technology to find him. 

The suspect was caught after his car was stolen, and deputies found a cellphone number he left on a stolen-vehicle report to track him down because he missed several court dates in an unrelated arrest, according to documents obtained at the Santa Clarita Courthouse. 

The suspect was arrested Sept. 7 on suspicion of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to a sworn statement from station officials. 

He was arrested eight days later on the exact same charge by Palmdale Sheriff’s Station deputies, according to detectives, and the L.A. County District Attorney’s office filed charges on Sept. 19, accusing the 22-year-old of possession of a firearm by a narcotic addict, California Penal Code section 29800(a)(1).  

After his arrest, he was released on a $70,000 surety bond.  

He failed to show up to both court dates for those arrests on Nov. 9 and Dec. 7, respectively, according to detectives and court records available online. 

After the first court date, the judge issued a “felony no bail warrant.” After he missed the second court date for that warrant in December, the judge assigned $350,000 to the bail amount. 

On Oct. 7, the suspect left a phone number with the SCV Sheriff’s Station after he filed a report for a carjacking. He was ordered to answer the gun possession charge on Oct. 20, according to court records. The outstanding charges for the suspect in court documents also include section 30305(a)(1), which is possession of ammunition by a prohibited person.  

After verifying through a third-party contact with another county agency that the phone number still belonged to the suspect, deputies sought information to track him down, according to court records. 

SCV Sheriff’s Station patrol deputies ultimately caught up to the suspect shortly after noon on Dec. 28, according to custody records available online. Those records indicate he’s now being held without bail. 

He has a hearing scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Friday in a Lancaster courthouse with respect to the Palmdale arrest, according to L.A. County Superior Court records available online. 

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