Entrepreneur and SEO Expert Scott Keever 


Who is Scott Keever, and how does his approach to SEO stand out? With a strategic mind and a knack for innovation, Scott has emerged as a critical figure in the digital marketing landscape. 

Scott Keever is an entrepreneur, internationally recognized SEO expert, online reputation mastermind, and member of the Forbes Agency Council. He founded award-winning digital marketing agencies: Keever SEO, ASAP Digital Marketing, and Pool Pros Marketing. 


Scott Keever’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his vision, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From the corporate world to establishing three award-winning digital marketing agencies – Keever SEO, Pool Pros Marketing, and ASAP Digital Marketing – Scott’s business acumen and innovative strategies have propelled him to international acclaim. 

In 2015, leveraging his expertise and recognizing the rising need for effective SEO, he established Keever SEO

The agency swiftly expanded to cater to diverse businesses, effectively helping them secure prominent positions in the digital landscape. The solid foundation of Keever SEO, coupled with Scott’s entrepreneurial prowess, has set the stage for future success and industry recognition. 

Scott’s entrepreneurial journey extends beyond the realm of digital marketing. Not only has Scott launched several successful online ventures outside his marketing agencies, but he is also an avid crypto investor. This showcases his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends. His ventures in the crypto industry further cement his reputation as a versatile entrepreneur capable of navigating and succeeding in diverse business landscapes. 

A solid business administration foundation and an innovative mindset have been instrumental in Scott’s entrepreneurial journey. His understanding of business operations, strategic planning, and the ability to align SEO initiatives with business objectives have significantly contributed to the success of his enterprises, helping businesses secure prominent positions in their respective markets. 

Scott Keever’s Data-Driven SEO Strategies 

Scott’s SEO agencies stand apart as data-driven search engine optimization companies committed to delivering results. Each agency’s ability to consistently increase targeted traffic and revenue for their client businesses is a testament to Scott’s effective SEO methodologies. 

Each company employs Google-approved SEO methods to achieve sustainable, long-term improvements in client rankings. The agency’s data-driven SEO strategies have secured over 200+ website placements on the first page of Google search results, doubling its clients’ online visibility. 

One of the critical factors behind Scott’s company’s success is its innovative approach to SEO campaigns. The agency has demonstrated significant success in enhancing its high-profile clients ‘ search engine presence and branding through strategic initiatives like the ‘Best Looking Guy in Miami,’ negative press suppression, and reputation management case studies. 

As an entrepreneur and internationally recognized SEO expert, Scott Keever continues to lead his award-winning SEO agency in delivering more targeted traffic to their client’s websites through local SEO strategies. The success of their SEO strategies lies in their ability to adapt and evolve in response to changing market trends and Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. 

Digital Marketing Experience 

In an industry as dynamic as digital marketing, continuous learning and skill enhancement are essential. Scott Keever embodies this ethos, frequently attending trainings and conferences worldwide to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. His commitment to continuous learning ensures that the strategies employed by his agencies remain cutting-edge and effective. 

Scott’s comprehensive SEO knowledge and expertise are evident in his book ‘Future-Proof Your SEO.’ Scott shares valuable insights and strategies with the broader digital marketing community through this publication and his contributions to the Forbes Agency Council, contributing to the industry’s overall growth and evolution. 

As a member of the Forbes Agency Council, Scott gains access to a network of executives and resources, helping him adapt his agency’s ability to create strategies that respond to new trends and technologies in digital marketing. This membership also reinforces his credibility as an industry leader and gives him the platform to influence the digital marketing landscape on a larger scale. 

Scott’s expertise in online reputation management has been acknowledged within the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. Although they are one of the fastest growing agencies, Keever SEO offers personalized attention to clients, a strategic advantage in competing with larger agencies. This commitment to personalized service and innovative strategies ensures that Keever SEO delivers results that align with their clients’ unique business objectives. 

Understanding global market intricacies is vital for successful SEO efforts. Scott Keever’s global perspective, informed by his diverse experiences and international network, is instrumental in navigating the digitized international marketplace. This approach allows Keever SEO to deliver strategies that are not only effective but also culturally sensitive and globally relevant. 

The Business Acumen Behind Keever SEO 

Scott Keever’s business acumen has been instrumental in the success of his enterprises. Holding a business administration and management degree, Scott’s comprehensive business education aids in developing skills crucial for managing a successful enterprise like an SEO agency. 

Understanding business operations, strategic planning, and aligning SEO initiatives with business objectives are valuable skills gained from a business administration background. This finance, marketing, and operations management knowledge is key to comprehending market trends and incorporating them into an SEO business model. 

Entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, fostered by business education, underpin the ability to identify opportunities, draft business plans, and manage risks in the SEO industry. Effective communication and interpersonal skills, emphasized in business education, are essential for maintaining client relationships and managing the team at an SEO company. 

Client Success Stories: Testimonials and Case Studies 

Client satisfaction is at the heart of Keever SEO’s ethos, a commitment reflected in their 97% client retention rate. The agency’s ability to deliver tangible results, coupled with Scott’s professionalism, has resulted in numerous positive testimonials, reinforcing their credibility and trust. 

Scott Keever’s approach to Online Reputation Management (ORM) involves tailored strategies such as SEO, social media, and content marketing, helping clients achieve a positive online presence. These specialized ORM techniques successfully push down negative search results and promote positive content, benefiting his clients’ online image. 

Continuous monitoring and adaptation of ORM strategies ensure sustained positive reputations for his clients across the digital landscape. As an online reputation mastermind, Scott works closely with each client, developing bespoke SEO and ORM strategies that align with their specific needs and goals, culminating in unique success stories. Scott’s online reputation management has helped some top business moguls and even your favorite actors and celebrities.  


From his entrepreneurial journey to his innovative SEO strategies and in-depth business acumen, Scott Keever’s success story inspires budding entrepreneurs and digital marketers. His commitment to continuous learning, client satisfaction, and results-driven approach underline his position as an industry leader and trailblazer in digital marketing. 

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