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Living in Tallahassee, FL: 101 Guide


Tallahassee is a vibrant city where the charm of the south and its numerous higher education institutes make it an exceptional place to call home.  

The way of life in Tallahassee can cater to different tastes, being suitable for students, young professionals, and families as well as retirees. This town also happens to be a major cultural center with not only two universities but also diverse enthralling institutions. 

In Tallahassee, those who are contemplating moving here will find a place that has deep historical roots and natural beauty combined with an active social life.  

Tree-lined canopy roads featuring giant oaks draped in Spanish moss lead to picturesque neighborhoods each offering its character and attraction.  

Its cost of living is reasonably low compared to many other cities around, thus giving residents the chance to have a richer life without having to pay through their noses. 

Climate And Landscape Of The City 

Tallahassee, Florida with its rolling hills covered by green fields serves as a picturesque destination different from the ordinary coastline which is sandy.  

Live oaks dappled with Spanish moss line streets that create visually stunning surroundings making it easy to acknowledge the area’s natural beauty.  

This lush landscape adds to the attractiveness of the area and supports various ecosystems; thus acting as an ideal environment for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The humid subtropical climate that exists in Tallahassee brings along hot and sticky summers and mild breezy winters—unique among Florida cities due to seasonal changes.  

Unlike these tropical areas, Tallahassee undergoes a greater change of seasons especially during winter when there can be occasional cold snaps unlike other parts again blooms heralding spring or leaves turning autumn colors during the fall season—the city’s appeal thus lies in such variations giving locals taste for four seasons’ tradition though still enjoying warm southern weather most times. 

Education And Jobs 

This city is known as a “college town” because it has two prominent learning institutions: Florida State University (FSU) and Florida A&M University (FAMU). The universities are not only key players in the community but also big employers who through education and research activities contribute significantly to the local economy. As a result, there are many educational opportunities in this region because of these institutions. 

Furthermore, there is an assured contribution to Tallahassee’s economy by the presence of government-related jobs that come easily due to its status as a state capital.  

In addition, the healthcare industry in Tallahassee is relatively vibrant with multiple hospitals and research centers, which makes it one of the main actors on the employment scene in this particular area.  

These sectors together represent a varied job market relatively resistant to fluctuations thanks to personnel from different industries. 

Housing Market 

If you need an affordable city in Florida without a super competitive housing market where you can move quickly, then probably you should consider looking for any place within Tallahassee. This year 2022 has been crazy when it comes to housing markets.  

By the end of the year, some markets were leveling off and no longer strongly favoring sellers as much as they had during previous months. 

Records in October 2023 show that the middle sale of a home in Tallahassee was priced at $306,000. This rate is up by 3.4% from the previous year. However, on average, homes sold for 2% less than the list price in Tallahassee and took about 50 days to sell.  

Such houses usually get numerous offers! This housing market was considered a seller’s market with homes being a bit over the asking price in October 2023.  

Generally, the average time frame for selling a house has been around 42 days as per real estate statistics, increasing since last month while declining compared to last year. 

Job Market 

When compared to similar cities, Tallahassee has a healthy job market. Over the past year, the demand in this city has risen by 2%. The average annual salary in Tallahassee is $48,290 which is less than the national average yearly salary of $56,310.  

Despite this pay being lower than the national average, it’s a growing job market and more businesses are moving here. 

There are numerous significant industries located right inside Tallahassee. A few large ones include government, education, healthcare, finance, information technology, and manufacturing. These hospitals bring tons of jobs into the area!  

Tallahassee also hosts some research jobs as a result of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Innovation Park of Tallahassee. Alternatively for any other career path desired within these industries or even more; there are many other companies in the city! 

Crime Rate 

Understanding how safe a neighborhood is may be important for people looking to relocate. Being Florida’s capital and housing a big university; therefore crime around downtown would be higher than outside areas. 

Generally speaking, Tallahassee is not safe at all. Looking at crime rates among American cities with similar population sizes it comes in third place.  

In addition to that fact, it scored poorly on violent and property crimes against Florida as well as having about 90% safer cities out of 100 others in Florida only another 10% have lesser violent crimes and fewer property crimes.  

This means your odds of becoming a victim of violence involved with that city are 126 whilst your chances for property crime will be one out of every thirty-four. 

Lifestyle and Recreation 

Tallahassee has many parks and recreational areas such as Tom Brown Park or Alfred B.Ma Clay Gardens State Park which creates an array of activities for both residents and visitors alike.  

This spans from hiking or riding bicycles to fishing or paddling kayaks hence providing a healthy active lifestyle amidst the city’s natural beauty.  

Additionally, it is a city of culture, with several museums, galleries, and theaters as well as music venues that cater to every type of entertainment from local bands to national tours. 

With such outdoor amenities and cultural enrichment, life in Tallahassee can be either laid back or fast-paced providing its residents with an ideal place for relaxation or adventure.  

The city’s love for nature and support for the arts are all expressed in its preservation of green spaces and art. 

Pros and Cons – Tallahassee, FL 


• No State income tax: The absence of a state income tax in Florida is to the advantage of residents thus resulting in considerable savings. 

• Racial Diversity: This cultural and racial diversity enriches the social fabric of Tallahassee’s community. 

• Highly Educated Population: Major universities are located here leading to a greater proportion of educated people among its inhabitants. 

• Nearby Other Cities: Its position makes it easier to reach other major places in urbanized Florida as well as other southeastern states. 

• Good Job Market: Being the state capital and college town gives the town an added boost on job opportunities. 

• Great Weather: Tallahassee benefits from a milder climate when compared to most parts of Florida with mild winters and beautiful springs. 


• High Crime Rate And Poverty Level: Like many urban areas, Tallahassee faces challenges with higher crime rates and poverty levels compared to some other parts of Florida. 

• Natural Disasters: Located in Florida, there is always a risk for hurricanes and other natural calamities. 

• Increasing Population: The rising population can lead to higher living costs and increased traffic congestion. 

• Limited Public Transportation: There may be insufficient public transport services available which may be disadvantageous for people without personal automobiles 

• Small Airport: It offers limited direct flights from its regional airport which could necessitate extra planning for frequent flyers. 

Living In Tallahassee, Florida 

To sum up, one would find various attractions along with diverse cuisine mixed with the beauty of nature that makes it an attractive place for countless numbers of people.  

Additionally, its affordability distinguishes it from other metropolitan areas in America. Nevertheless, the housing market has become tighter over the years.  

If you need help settling in this vibrant city you should get consultations from movers in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee’s energetic atmosphere is perfect for those who thrive in a lively urban setting; on the other hand, it has quieter and safer neighborhoods on the outskirts.  

For this reason, people who love beaches can enjoy themselves because it is about 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico where they can spend time with their families and friends during a day off.  

However, even on rainy days, there are plenty of family-oriented activities to be found throughout the town making it a place for all preferences and lifestyles. 

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