Tips for Authenticating Watches: How to Verify Originality


Let’s discover how to check if a different popular models such as Franck Muller ladies watch is original. It also often happens that the watches sent back to our service are fakes, which means that the manufacturer, for example, will not perform any repairs under warranty, because such models simply do not have it. At the same time, it should be remembered that the purchase of counterfeits is illegal.

The most important rule to follow when making a purchase, wanting to be sure that the watch purchased is original, is a verified source. More precisely, this is simply the store/distributor that offers the range in question. To be sure that the timepiece is purchased from the right source, check whether the store has a document of being an authorized dealer of the brand. 

Note: Often the information that the store is an authorized dealer is entered in various sources, which, unfortunately, are not. Therefore, it will certainly be easier to buy from a certain site that has a certificate of originality of the manufacturer and shares it without any problems, as well as is listed among the authorized dealers on the official website of the manufacturer.

The store is not everything – there are other features that allow you to check whether the watch is original, and we will give the most important ones right away. 

Where to check the authenticity of the watch?

Other features — but what do you mean, after all, it’s so hard to recognize fakes nowadays! It may be difficult to recognize at first glance, but if you know our checklist on how to check if a watch is authentic, there is less chance that you will “stumble”. The most significant rules relate directly to the product itself and its workmanship, i.e. its visual features and its entire setting, namely packaging, reference number or price – it is these “external” aspects that people selling fakes often forget.

So, where to check the authenticity of a watch? We already tell you!

  • Before you buy Franck Muller women watch from an insecure source, find the correct manufacturer’s logo, for example, on the official website, and compare whether it is definitely not different from the one that appeared on the watch. 
  • Fakes and replicas typically feature a logo that is distorted, has different letters, font or other markers, it may also be missing small details or, conversely, there may be too many of them. 
  • Remember to look closely because sometimes the differences can be tiny.

Workmanship and materials used

To check the authenticity of the watch visually, pay attention not only to the logo, but also to the overall product. Differences in fakes are easy to detect by paying attention to the materials used and aesthetic qualities. As you know, counterfeits are generally cheap, so they must be made of low-priced materials and in a relatively quick time. Consequently, such products are very easy to distinguish from the original ones, as they are very sloppily made. It is known not from today that watchmaking is a very precise field, so no manufacturer will allow itself to be unrefined in its watches, only the authors of attempts to counterfeit timepieces.

Reference number, serial number

  • Check whether the watch you purchased or the model you are reviewing has one. Remember that every original watch has a reference number. You can find it on the watch’s lid, but it should also appear on the product page of the online store. 
  • If you have already found the reference number or serial number – check the manufacturer’s website to see if there is such a watch at all. If, after typing the reference number into a search engine, no result appears then it is probably not an original watch.
  • Most Swiss watches and models of premium brands also have unique serial numbers (different for each piece of the watch, consisting of numbers alone or sometimes also a combination of letters) located on the watch’s case back. 
  • The correctness of this number can only be verified at authorized service centers. In new watches, the serial number is also usually linked to the watch’s sales data – in the manufacturer’s system it is linked to the name of the seller, date of sale and service history.


  • Price plays a huge role. For example, drastically different Frank Muller watch for women prices from those offered by trusted stores are encouraging but also, unfortunately, herald trouble. If you’ve found a product at a truly astonishing price bargain, it’s unlikely to be an original product, or its origin is not fully legitimate. 
  • A lower price is often a sign of a counterfeit, because it is difficult to reduce the price significantly, due to the cost of production factors. This can lead to situations where, for example, if you order a mechanical watch, you receive a quartz watch. In this regard, those selling non-original products have a large field of opportunity, so you should beware of such offers. 
  • It is also worth remembering that in the offers of insecure sellers you can also encounter products from illegal sources – mainly theft. Such timepieces can bring us huge problems – not only will we lose both the product and money, but we also have to deal with potential criminal consequences.

Original watch from a good source

If you don’t want to search every time for information on how to check if a watch is original, then just choose reliable and proven sources where you want to buy a watch. 

It is worth remembering that even knowing all the kinks and details will not protect us 100% from buying an unoriginal product, often our decisions are guided by emotions, which especially often occur at “price bargains”. Therefore, we recommend great prudence when choosing such offers.

Watches of Mayfair is an authorized dealer of each manufacturer whose products they offer. This is confirmed first of all by the certificate of originality of the product in the form of a warranty card, which is attached to each purchase, both online and stationary. A given document can be issued only by an authorized dealer, who is bound by a contract with the manufacturer, allowing you to source products directly from his hands.

Remember that an original watch from an authorized seller is the assurance of receiving a product of the best quality and, above all, having a warranty, which, in the event of a defect, allows the timepiece to be repaired.

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