Deputies: Collision that killed 2 horses still under investigation  

Oscar Sol/ For The Signal
Oscar Sol/ For The Signal

Residents are reeling from the loss of horses Norma Jean and Husband, after they were struck and killed by a driver at the intersection of Sand Canyon and Iron Canyon Road in Canyon Country Monday evening — and it remains to be determined whether the driver will face criminal charges.  

According to Sgt. Mark Perkins, from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station traffic unit, the collision is under investigation to determine whether the driver of the gray Nissan will be facing potential criminal charges. 

“Once the investigation is completed, we will present the case to the (L.A. County) District Attorney’s office, who will determine if any charges will be filed,” Perkins wrote in an email to The Signal. 

Marcela De Vivo and her daughter, Isabelle Andrew, 14, are recovering from injuries after De Vivo’s horse, Norma Jean, died on impact, while Andrew’s horse, Husband, was put down due to the collision severely injuring his two front legs.  

De Vivo said she has been undergoing treatment and surgery for a shattered kneecap, while Andrew sustained a sprained ankle and whiplash. 

According to De Vivo, she and a group of six, including Andrew, De Vivo’s youth pastor’s daughter and her friend, and Andrew’s friends from Georgia began their ride around 7:15 p.m., in an area where De Vivo would often ride on the trails two to three times a week.  

Leading the group as they were crossing the street, De Vivo noticed that the car in the distance was approaching rapidly. Usually, when De Vivo would see a car that far down, she said she has at least two minutes to cross.  

Realizing that the driver was not stopping, she said she went back to the middle of the street, motioning for the car to stop while the remaining horses were crossing. 

Norma Jean was swept up, Husband was hit, then the car came to a stop. De Vivo flew off her horse, and suffered a compound fracture. 

According to De Vivo, the vehicle did not touch Andrew because of Husband’s height, but Andrew flew off her horse. 

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