Brian Baker | I’m Getting My Bernie Bro On

I am so totally getting my Bernie Bro on… again! I’m not a member of any political party; I’m one of those “independents” who pollsters, pundits and politicians are perpetually

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Brian Baker | Adios, Farewell, Commiefornia

Well, it’s been fun, but the time has come for me to pull up stakes and move on. Yes, I’m leaving Commiefornia. I’m sure this announcement will be welcome news

Brian Baker | ‘Minority Report’ Comes True

From the Bill of Rights:  “Amendment V: No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…” “Amendment VI: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused

Brian Baker | The Value of the $10 Bill

Take a $10 bill out of your wallet or purse. Take a look at it. What’s it worth? “Obviously, $10, Brian,” you’re thinking. Maybe. The actual intrinsic value of any

Brian Baker | Horton Column Illustrates TDS

I must applaud Gary Horton’s column of 26 December, “Border Wall Shutdown Is a Bad Gift for Christmas.” It’s a glorious illustration of TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. When Dem/socialist Obama

Brian Baker | The Kabuki Starts in 3, 2, 1…

It was an interesting and emotional midterm election, and the results were pretty much in conformance with historical norms: the out-of-power party – in this case the Dem/socialists – took

Brian Baker | A ‘Non-Partisan’ Council Race

I moved to the Santa Clarita Valley, specifically Saugus, back in 1984 when it was still a sleepy little semi-rural bedroom community, a distant outpost in the ’burbs of LA.

Brian Baker | A Lynching in the Senate

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” – Lavrenti Behria Head of Stalin’s secret police There’s a reason why legal proceedings, both civil and criminal (with a

Brian Baker | Amused by Local Leftist Ramblings

I often find columns by our resident leftists to be entertaining, and even amusing, and Anthony Breznican’s “Debunking Baker’s Latest Column” on July 10 was no exception. He starts out

Brian Baker: The Manipulation of the Hard Left

On June 20 The Signal published a column by Anthony Breznican, entitled “Family separation is cruel — but familiar,” which I found to be very interesting and informative. For those

Who’s responsible for lawbreakers’ kids?

The latest outrage du jour from the left is the separation of the children of illegal immigrants from their parents if those adults are put into detention after being caught

Brian Baker: Misreading the tea leaves

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting campaign season so far, culminating in the primary election on June 5. For those unfamiliar with my writings, I’m a conservative who’s not a

Letters to the Editor

Brian Baker: Different view of meeting

How interesting. Over the last few days, since the City Council’s May 8 open meeting at which they voted to oppose “sanctuary state” status, I’ve read a couple of letters

Brian Baker: Mission accomplished

As promised in my last column, last night (May 8) I attended our City Council meeting at which the topic of joining the federal lawsuit against Commiefornia’s “Sanctuary State” legislation