Brian Baker: A sign

Because our gasoline is so very expensive (due to gross over-taxation) I usually gas up at the independent station at the intersection of Magic Mountain

Brian Baker: Still more on concealed carry

The day after my last letter was published regarding Anthony Breznican’s hysterical assertions about reciprocal interstate recognition of CCWs (concealed gun carry licenses) The Signal

Letters to the Editor

Brian Baker: Nothing of substance

In his column in the Friday, 3 November, edition of The Signal entitled “Corporations run amok” Bryan Caforio asks the following question: “Have you ever

Brian Baker: All in the point of view

On June 6 The Signal published a column by Josh Heath entitled “The progressive case for ending welfare” in which he advocated what is essentially

Brian Baker: Impeach Trump? Not a chance

Our family is very politically aware (and fortunately for us and family comity, all conservatives), and as everyone with a pulse knows, virtually from Inauguration

Brian Baker: We’re people, not ants

I’d like to respond to the Letter to the Editor by Nathan Bousefield published in The Signal April 18 under the title “Need to change

Brian Baker: The tide has turned

After decades of bringing a plastic toy bat to a gunfight, the GOP – that party with an uncanny record of snatching defeat from the

Brian Baker: Lots of blame to go around

  On March 29th The Signal published a column by Gary Horton entitled “What’s next after health care”. This absurd column was full of hyperbole

Brian Baker: Gender bias is complex

In Tuesday’s edition The Signal published a column by Maria Gutzeit entitled “Women’s Day: a work in progress.” In this very interesting column Maria discussed