Brian Baker: Now’s the time for school vouchers


On April 26 The Signal published a column by Christy Smith with the title “State must reaffirm local education control.”

One thing Smith wrote really jumped out at me: “Representatives in Sacramento must reaffirm their control over our schools and prevent out-of-touch billionaires in Washington from imposing their values on our students.”

Apparently it’s better, at least according to Smith, to let out-of-touch Sacramento leftists impose their values through indoctrination – starting in elementary school, particularly since it’s a captive audience.

How about this? School vouchers, which would return control to where it really belongs – the parents. Let the parents choose which “values” their kids are subjected to.

Eliminate the public school monopoly on education and its attendant suppression of conservative principles and ideology through the radical agenda imposed by the teachers’ union and the socialists in Sacramento.

What we conservatives want is to yank our kids out of the socialist indoctrination system laughingly called “public education,” where our kids have drummed into their little heads propaganda and ideologies we find repugnant.

I’ll use this valley as an example. In most of the area (in my experience) we actually have a pretty good school system academically. My daughter went to Helmers Elementary School, as my granddaughter does now. Really good school!

But if we had access to a voucher system, my granddaughter would be yanked out of there and enrolled in SCCS faster than a speeding bullet.

Which is exactly what the California socialists know, and exactly why they vehemently block vouchers in this state utterly dominated by leftist ideologues.

You want to talk about “imposed values”? Now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is. Actions, not words. Support school vouchers.

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